Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Chaos Renegades

Greetings, all!  Today I'm posting an update on my force of Chaos Renegades.  As I type this, my modelling desk is strewn with flash and sprue, I've got modelling sand in my fingernails and I can't touch anything without it clinging on for dear life, since more superglue is on my hands than the models.
Chaos Renegade troopers with autoguns and pistols.

I'm really busy with loads of simultaneous projects at the moment:
As well as plans in the works for Russo-Japanese War, Soviet-Afghan War, occupied France commando raids ... my painting backlog is well over 100 models now.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Empress Miniatures British and Taliban

Afternoon all, thanks for tuning in again.  Well, it's not every day you have an international wargames convention two DLR stops from your house, but that's exactly what happened to me when Salute 2012 came to the Excel Exhibition Centre yesterday.  I won't post any pictures up, partly because there are already some really great pics up, done by Lee at BMLA and Wargaming Girl.  But mainly because I didn't take any.

For me it was mainly a shopping trip.  The day before Salute I was taking a leisurely lunch break in central London, before finding myself in Waterstones, flicking through a copy of Force on Force's Op Enduring Freedom expansion.  Despite the cost, I couldn't resist picking up a copy and I have to say I was very impressed.  Very realistic and reasonably playable as well.  I couldn't order online due to my busted rubbishy computer, but I slept well in my bed that night, knowing that Empress Miniatures had a stand inbound the next day at Salute.

I've never been before, being a past aficionado of Partizan, but I was very impressed by the range of stuff available.  As I say I didn't have the time to look through everything or, alas, play any of the games (although I was accosted by a number of people in fancy dress).  I headed straight for the Empress Miniatures stand and promptly parted with £60, which got me five packs of UK and five of Terry Taliban (with a motorbike thrown in).

After reading a great review of Mantic Zombies, I've resolved to be a bit more constructive and do more comprehensive reviews when I try out a new games system.  So here goes.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Thoughts from the Dark Side

Shudder to think how much I've pumped in to FW.
Evenin' all!  Thanks again for stopping by.  Well, I've been posting a lot of rambling text posts about background recently, and so I thought it was time for a bit of a photo update on my latest project.  Prepare yourself for a shock ... it's a Chaos Renegades army.

After about 10 years as a staunch Imperial Player, filing off the Aquilla from a water bottle is a pretty surreal experience.  But I realised that the lure of these amazing models was too much, and that my loyalty to the Guard is greater than my loyalty to the Imperium.  In terms of rules these guys are pretty much Guard, so I decided a small (1000pt) army would not displease the Dice Gods too much.  Besides, all my opponents play Imperial so I think we need something to balance it out.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Inspired by some really positive feedback from yesterday's post, I've decided to make good on my promise and publish a bit of a story I'm working on with Headologist.

Yesterday was all about rambling, in-character documents.  This is more an attempt to tell a story from a more neutral perspective, just explaining some fluff along the way.  I think it's important to do that once in a while and get a human perspective on the whole setting.

The project is still underway (and is likely to be for some time).  We don't want to release any major chunks yet, until it starts to take shape but I might cut out the odd paragraph and past it up to keep you interested.  Anyway, this segment is cut from the middle of a chapter, but basically our hero, Sergeant Darius, has just escaped a suicidal attack when his tank was damaged in a drop-landing.  After most of the rest of his platoon was wiped out, Darius was left in silence to wait for the repair crew...

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Welcome to The Factory: Imperial Guard Officers in Training

I know what you're thinking... did he fire six
plasma bolts, or only five?
Greetings, bloggers!  Thanks for swinging by.  Well, with my Forgeworld purchase into its third week with no sign of delivery, I'm afraid there's nothing new on the model front I can update you with, so instead here's some more procrastinating fluff from my master document.
This is an 'in character' document so the rambling English is deliberate, I assure you.  One thing I really wanted to emphasise with my fluff was that not everything in the 40K universe is better than modern times.  All too often, you read the 'fluff' for a Guard army that reads like the history of the US Marine Corps; I wanted to highlight that some things might have gone backwards with regards officer commissions, for example.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing - the 40K universe is a big, big place and some of our 'modern' ideas about how military forces should be run just wouldn't apply in the desolate, dystopian far future.  For example: Commissars executing their own men is seen as 'bad' by modern standards, but would the Imperium have even survived as long as it has by being soft and caring towards its men?  Perhaps not.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

News from the Front Line

Side view

Detail of the turret and crewman
Time, I think, for a photo update of some of my latest projects.  Work has been kind to me recently and I've had a lot of time to work on all my ongoing projects, including finishing quite a few off.

The main one is my Hydra conversion, representing an AA tank pressed into service as an anti-infantry vehicle.  This project started life as a bit of tinkering with an upturned Leman Russ turret here, and some minor conversion work on the Chimera chassis itself here.  Painting was very simple, albeit a bit rushed.  I hate painting tanks.  The main hull is painted with Dark Angels Green, then Catachan Green, then a highlight of Knarlock Green.  The camo stripes are Dark Flesh followed by Graveyard Earth, with the whole vehicle lightly dry brushed with Denheb Stone.  The mud is made of household filler and consists of various shades of different browns evened out with a wash of Devlan Mud.  Simples!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Dice Gods Move In Mysterious Ways...

Vengence of the dice gods (picture from the blog
of a talented artist named Vorgus)
I thought today I'd post about something that has always made me think.  There are a lot of little superstitions wargamers have, some a little more tongue in cheek than others.  I'll share a few of mine and would love to hear if you have any of your own.

In a game ruled entirely by chance, it's not entirely unnatural that a few superstitions should grow up around it.  Most common is the phenomenon of the 'dice gods'; supernatural, statistical beings who play with the fates as a child plays at marbles.  It's a convenient crutch for the unlucky to be able to blame the gods for his/her misfortune.  Tied to this is the sacred liturgy which speaks of being able to appease or even anger the gods, mainly through either beardy gaming or playing with unpainted models.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Finished Latvian Legion

It's not often I get to post about a completed project, but here I am, updating you with the latest on my historical wargaming projects.  The Latvian Legion (originally intended to be French) are Warlord Games' 28mm Waffen-SS set, and were started about mid-February with a post on bases and a subsequent update on the first five or six painted models, along with a brief method.  After ploughing through a very enjoyable painting process, I can present you with the finished product ...

8cm GrW 34 Mortar with three crew, under a corporal.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

First Rank... Fire!

After a pretty hefty painting stint, I've managed to round off quite a few projects this week.  The Lativian Legion are all done (post to follow, as soon as basing is finished), my heavy weapons crews are coming along nicely, completed Ratlings ... and an Infantry Squad as well.  Looking back through my old posts, I realise that there's not very much on the rank-and-file 2nd Battalion infantry.  So here goes:

Monday, 2 April 2012

Rating Squad

The Emperor Protects, y'all
After a good solid week off and no distractions, I've been fortunate in being able to get a good few hours' painting in every day; a luxury I'm very grateful for.  While my platoon of Latvians are finally nearing completion and I'm always whittling away at the ranks of infantry to paint, I focussed recently on my 5-man Ratling team (or should that be 5-ratling Ratling team?  Discuss.)

Anyway, my first (test) model turned out well - for those who missed it this is the article.  The next four guys passed over the painting table a little more quickly as I'm keen to get them game ready.  But I'm still rather chuffed with the results; minor tinkering will follow (painting jewels, belt-buckles etc) but this is their battle-ready state.