Finished Latvian Legion

It's not often I get to post about a completed project, but here I am, updating you with the latest on my historical wargaming projects.  The Latvian Legion (originally intended to be French) are Warlord Games' 28mm Waffen-SS set, and were started about mid-February with a post on bases and a subsequent update on the first five or six painted models, along with a brief method.  After ploughing through a very enjoyable painting process, I can present you with the finished product ...

8cm GrW 34 Mortar with three crew, under a corporal.

3 riflemen, including an MP-44 gunner on the right.

Junior NCOs - note the chap on the left with the Latvia arm shield.

Radio operators and a grumpy-looking grenadier.

Officers and NCOs - (L-R: first sergeant, captain, lieutenant)

Specialists, (L-R) with Panzerfaust, a medical orderly and an MP-44 gunner.

MG42 team - again the Number 2 has the cuff-title and Latvia arm shield.

The models are very detailed and it's been fun to paint something a bit different.  They look good as a bunch which is always my main aim, rather than individual attainment.  There was an awful lot of camouflage to paint which is an interesting learning curve, and even a few plain field-grey tunics to try painting insignia on.  I haven't yet tried them out in battle but we have a few rules systems in the background ready to try them out.

Incidentally, these are the first models I've photographed with my brand-spanking new digital camera... although I still need a bit of practice the quality is so much better than on an iPhone as you'd expect.  All units will eventually be re-photoed with this sterling new technology, so say goodbye to blurry, dark photos.

Anyway, I have another hefty Forge World order inbound in the post, so hopefully that should give me something to talk about next week.  Until next time, all!


  1. I applaud your work and the detail here - I couldn't bear trying to paint 28mm historicals: at 15mm I can just about wing or ignore the 'details'!

    You've done sterling work here: they're very characterful poses too...

  2. Thanks a lot! I enjoy painting something different. I find historicals like this have a bit more detail than 40K, but a more restricted choice of colours. Looking at your FoW stuff I was struck by how difficult I'd found switching to a new scale. This does call for a very different approach, i.e. lots of time on each individual model rather than speed or batch painting.

  3. Fantastic work!

    You swing a very nice brush ;)

    Keep posting more Historical Figures. Especially 28 mm.

    Happy Gaming,


    p.s. Consider me subscribed!

    1. Cheers Allan, I am a big fan of historicals, despite my huge WH40K armies. 28mm is my favourite scale, it's perfect for my level of painting: any smaller and I can't get a decent level of detail on, I find. After this, I'm looking at doing some RJW so stay tuned for updates.


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