Thoughts from the Dark Side

Shudder to think how much I've pumped in to FW.
Evenin' all!  Thanks again for stopping by.  Well, I've been posting a lot of rambling text posts about background recently, and so I thought it was time for a bit of a photo update on my latest project.  Prepare yourself for a shock ... it's a Chaos Renegades army.

After about 10 years as a staunch Imperial Player, filing off the Aquilla from a water bottle is a pretty surreal experience.  But I realised that the lure of these amazing models was too much, and that my loyalty to the Guard is greater than my loyalty to the Imperium.  In terms of rules these guys are pretty much Guard, so I decided a small (1000pt) army would not displease the Dice Gods too much.  Besides, all my opponents play Imperial so I think we need something to balance it out.

Regular readers will recall my update on the Forgeworld order for the last few posts, usually in the form of a moan.  They ended up taking three weeks to get here which was by far the longest it's ever taken, but they got here in the end.

My first attempt...
I won't do a full 'review' yet as I'm still in the test phase, trying out schemes and so forth. I will say I was very pleased with the sculpting on the models; however they were some of the most warped and flashed models I've ever got from FW, to the point where it was difficult to recognise parts etc.  This was not a permanent problem, as a dunk in hot water and a gentle finger will sort any warping and normal cleanup procedures with the knife fixed the flash, it was a lot of extra work and I found a few bits I'd missed during painting, which was very annoying.

Despite these disappointments I won't let that detract from the incredible quality of these models.  They are very expensive, but some of the finest I have ever seen from FW with the possible exception of Death Korps, and I'm hugely looking forward to painting them (not least because they're something new!)

A few of the Renegades, made from a combination of
arms and torso conversion hits.
Anyway, as I say a proper review and building photos will follow, I'll stick to just a few shots of the test models for now.  Despite my Guard loyalties, I'm getting a tingle starting a new army and really feel excited about getting my teeth into another new project.  Thankyou all again for reading, and stand by for further updates!


  1. Nice! I really dig the FW renegade sculpts, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them! I like the paint scheme on the test model. That's a moody color combo and the metal looks sweet! Keep up the great work!

  2. None can resist the all corrupting power of Chaos! Welcome to the dark side. Muwhahahaha!

  3. Going to dedicate them to any certain power of the main four, or just general chaos workship?

    Chaos is so much fun due to the amount of free handed converting you can do. Which reminds me - I really need to paint some more of my Plague Marines!

  4. Thanks all!

    @Mordian 7th: Well I hope I shan't disappoint! They really are lovely models and I think that goes a long way towards inspiring you to do a nice paint job on them. Red, brown and metal is my favourite!

    @Chris: I held out as long as I could...

    @Dai: Hmmm, interesting. They will certainly have a Khorne feel, with the red and lots of CCWs, but I won't have overt marks on therm, nor any 'attached' units of CSMs, I think human rebels would be ignored by the dark gods and left to fend for themselves as wannabe Chaos, so any aesthetic changes are whet they've done to themselves rather than 'gifts from the gods'. Plague Marines are my favourite in terms of fluff: can't wait to see pics!


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