Chaos Renegades

Greetings, all!  Today I'm posting an update on my force of Chaos Renegades.  As I type this, my modelling desk is strewn with flash and sprue, I've got modelling sand in my fingernails and I can't touch anything without it clinging on for dear life, since more superglue is on my hands than the models.
Chaos Renegade troopers with autoguns and pistols.

I'm really busy with loads of simultaneous projects at the moment:
As well as plans in the works for Russo-Japanese War, Soviet-Afghan War, occupied France commando raids ... my painting backlog is well over 100 models now.


I do love it, which is probably why so much of my day off has gone to work on the Chaos Renegades.  The promised review of FW will follow next week, but I just managed to paint my first few 'test' miniatures.  Whenever I get a large force of new models, I build and paint a few just to get the feel for the army.  Knowing how you end up painting them heavily influences successive building and conversion.  

Heavy Stubber, meltagun and trooper.
Anyway, I wanted a grubby, muddy feel for these chaps without them being boring, so lots of browns and blacks for trousers and equipment, with red shirts.  I always think of brown and red as the core colours for Chaos, which I suppose makes these chaps Khorne.  In their fluff, I emphasise these chaps as being just part of the many millions of rebels who don't have daemons and terminators and renegade marines: these are 'wannabe' Chaos.

Same from above.  The barbed wire is actually the
metal wire nets you get on some wine bottles, and the tank
traps are the mounts that FW minis come sculpted on to
Despite my pledge to pick ordinary models, I must confess I literally couldn't wait to paint Mark Bedford's superb Heavy Stubber team.  A beautiful thought, with a nod of the hat to the famous pose of an MG-34 being fired over someone's shoulders by German Panzergrenadiers.  (Side note: I can't find any pictures or evidence of this actually happening ... if there are any other WW2 buffs out there who know of this having happened for definite, leave a comment!)

Anyway, I'll let the painting speak for itself.  A bit rushed, as I have nearly 40 to paint, but I'm keen to get a 'production line' of simple washes and dry brushing to get these amazing miniatures on the table as soon as possible!

Happy blogging all, until next time.


  1. I love 'em, drab and dreary and mucky as hell looking. Excited to see a platoon arrayed together.

    Great idea for the tank traps! Think I'll steal that! ;)

  2. They look really good. I love the spent casings by the crew served weapon.

  3. Thanks, fellas!

    @Dai, the full platoon (including command squad), I hope to have done in a week or so. I noticed the tank trap thing when I dropped a blister pack I was using to store all my leftover flash, and the two 'tank trap' bits landed on the base of the heavy stubber team pretty much as you see there! A real penicillin moment.

    @Mad Padre, cheers for the comment :) it's the details that make it! Also, they are a sliver of colour on a quite wide, flat base.


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