Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Checking in...

It's been a long time, folks.  I thought I'd check in and let my loyal followers (both of them) know that I'm still alive and kicking.  It's always sad to read someone's blog that just trails away into nothing, so I'll try and make this as upbeat as possible.  Just to get it out the way, Real Life is going fine and I'm ticking along nicely.  Even managing to get a bit of wargaming in now and again!

In the last few months, the big news is that me and Kieran have started doing Flames of War! (Cheers from the wings)  I've been reading a lot about the First World War recently and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to start yet another fresh project.  I've meticulously researched C Coy, 18th (Service) Bn Northumberland Fusiliers (1st Tyneside Pioneers) and am trying to recreate exactly the company as it fought a valiant rearguard action against German stormtroopers in May 1918, on the Lys river bridgehead.

 I think it's fair to say my horizons have broadened a fair bit, and although I still cherish my beloved Palladians, I've pretty much stopped collecting 40K and only play small games with a circle of close pals.  Historicals, in various scales, are now my focus, and I'm enjoying the 'stand' based 15mm gaming that FoW brings, in contrast to my entirely 28mm upbringing.  And here's a photo of a StuG my brother got me for my birthday:

Another project which is taking up more and more (and more) time deserves a mention here, even if it isn't strictly model wargaming.  They're called 'U-Boat Days'.  We dress up in submarine-type costumes, play '30s music on a real gramophone of Kieran's, eat authentic wartime U-Boat food, and scurry down to Ollie's basement for about 12 hours and play Silent Hunter III.  They really are immersive experiences, utterly exhausting but brilliant fun.  Here's yours truly stalking a coastal freighter.

Well, I hope that's been vaguely interesting.  I have to confess I haven't really been keeping up with people's blogs so over the next few weeks, I'll try and pay everyone a visit.  Appreciate all the continued contact with you chaps in the blogosphere by email/text/phone, and I'll try and be a bit better behaved with keeping this up to date.

All the best,


(The Colonel)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Battle Report: Last Stand of the Storm Wolves

As promised, despite my change of blogging pace last week I have a nice little battle report to share with you good people.  After a short hiatus in our 40K campaign, me and Ollie decided to get together and play a good old fashioned 40K game.  We had all the old codexes and decided to make it an Oldhammer game - that is, Third Edition.  This is less of a Battle Report and more of a picture compilation, just since it was so dynamic (read 'cuffed') and didn't really follow a structure.

The gallant Marines defending the sanctity of the Emperor's church...
The mission pitted the freshly-painted Storm Wolves Command Squad of Haakon Haakonsen against the men of 1 Platoon, 122 Company.  It would be a Wave Defence scenario of our own devising - one super-elite squad, defending a terrain piece at one end of the board, and an endless horde of Guardsmen to attack them.  The SMurfs had to hold out for 10 turns (equivalent of about 5-6 turns in a regular 40K game).  Whenever I had a full squad of dead Guardsmen, I could bring them back on

The elite marines of Haakonsen's command squad have regrouped in a shattered church in a tiny Edethorian mining station.  They are aided by some Palladian deserters, who have sworn revenge on the Imperial Guard that is trying to hunt them down.

The Palladians are led by the snooty Major Biblius - the Battalion commander, who has commandeered the company to lead it on this fools' errand (note - this allows me to play the 'bad guys', as it's not one of my named characters leading the platoon).

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Liebster Award - and Some News

Another round of Liebster Awards have been handed out, which means general good-natured mutual congratulation and appreciation of other people's blogs must go around!  I'm also using this post to announce a bit of a change of pace at Palladian Guard for the next few months.

I was fortunate enough to receive three nominations (so far), from Liam at Frothing Muppet's Land of Miniatures, my good friend Kieran at DYHAF, and Marshal Argos' 313 Rgt - cracking blogs which I genuinely look forward to reading.

The idea is to spread the word on smaller blogs, getting people clicking and looking at the ones that are still struggling to break out.  To that end, I won't re-nominate either of my very (very) worthy nominators and focus on smaller, newer blogs I enjoy.  Without further ado, the rules!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Battle Report: Battle of the North Sea Part II

Welcome back all, to Palladian Guard for the second half of our Quickfire game, which plays out a counterfactual clash between the Russian and Japanese fleets in the North Sea.  Read up on Part I here.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Battle Report: Battle of the North Sea Part I

Welcome to the first proper battle report for our Battlefleet 1900 games.  Using the WTJ rules and ships, we are fighting out real and counterfactual naval engagements from the Russo-Japanese War.  This scenario imagines an ambush between the Russian Pacific Squadron, en route from St Petersburg to the Pacific, by a force of Japanese ships.  This was a scenario widely feared by the Russians at the time, making them so jumpy they blew a British fishing smack to smithereens in the oft-forgotten Dogger Bank Incident, nearly starting a major Anglo-Russian war in the process.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Storm Wolves Command Squad

I don't usually do commission work, but recently my brother got a Storm Wolves force together - a Space Wolves offshoot chapter based heavily on Vikings.  He had a five-man command squad are a 500pt army in their own right (last seen in the Battle of the Palace Steps) so I was challenged to paint them up.  These were an interesting challenge.  I've never painted SMs before, and rarely do metallic.  In case you can't tell. 

Pleased with:
  • Shield designs
  • Glowy sword
Not pleased with:
  • Patchiness of the white helmet
  • Grey armour looks somewhat uneven
If anyone has any tips on painting white ... I have been tempted to leave the undercoated white showing through unpainted, has anyone tried this?

Haakon Haakonsen and Command Squad

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sandman Specialist Entry Team

Regular readers will remember the crew of the Punisher tank from last year who defected to the Breaker Insurgency (the rebellious miners rising up against Palladian rule in our current campaign).  Well, Coldsteel Dan repaid the favour with some of Inquisitor Tiberius' hand-picked 'Specialist Entry Teams' of elite Guardsmen.  Here are the models Dan made and painted, along with some fluff.  These chaps will be joining in our forthcoming Small Games.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Finished U-Boat Diorama

Das Boot ist fertig, Herr Kaleun!

(Listen to this video in the background while viewing for the full Das Boot experience...)

Well, after approximately 20 hours' work, my U-Boat Diorama is completed.  It has been an emotional project, with a few moments of depression (when I realised my harbour water was far too clean and blue, necessitating a complete repaint) to elation (solving it with a spare tin of field-grey coloured Dulux I had from somewhere).

The crew were fun to paint in 20mm, and a challenge; the boat itself was actually done in about 15 mins (seriously!), with just one wash of black ink, an airbrushed highlight, and a liberal dose of weathering powders.  The water took the longest - painstakingly built up with filler, expanding foam, plaster, and PVA glue.  Each layer took about three days to dry, and the final glossy PVA is still not quite dry in time for its Wednesday photoshoot.

I'll let the pics do the talking.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Small Gaming: How I Fell In Love With GW Again

If there's one post title that's guaranteed to generate some comments, it's along the lines of 'Why I Hate GW', or 'Why I'm Boycotting GW'.  (Hypocrisy Alert:  I myself have tried this a few times in the past)  But I've had a bit of a rethink, and thought I'd share the secret of how you too can get back to the good old days.  It's called Small Gaming.

What is Small Gaming?

Small Gaming is skirmish games like Necromunda or Mordheim, or bigger games played with 'small rules' - such as Kill Team or Patrol Clash for Warhammer 40K.  It also has undertones of 'classic' GW, so old models, rules and mindsets - although there's nothing to stop you using newer models in it.

How did it start?

Necromunda - thanks to Kieran's breathtaking terrain skills we had a fantastic weekend that showed me happiness is in three dimensions.  A few gantries, steps, levels and tight-knit alleyways changes your game.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mordheim Battle Report

This lonely street became the scene of some vicious fighting today...
Those of you following my Mordheim series will know I've been putting together a warband for a few weeks now.  I was over at Coldsteel Dan's place recently and we managed to get a test game in!  Thanks to Mike for getting it all together and for all the terrain and organisation.  In the tradition of most of my batreps, I won't go in to all the nitty-gritty and stick to some general photos.