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1:3,000 Russian Pre-Dreadnought Fleet

Time for a long overdue post, I think.  A very stressful time at the moment as I'm changing jobs and moving house, so I sat down to attack the huge pile of unpainted lead, plastic and resin on my table, and managed to turn out some War Times Journal ships.  You might remember that four years ago, I painted up a selection of other 1 : 3,000 ships for some Russo-Japanese War naval games.  I really enjoyed painting them, but if I'm honest I always wanted to have another go at them.  I've since learned a lot about the real paint schemes on these ships and thought I could make a better job of it now.

Recently, WTJ have stopped their line of pewter ships and replaced them with some lovely resin ones.  They have some of the disadvantages of resin - mainly fragility - but that's more than compensated for by the breathtaking detail on them.  So I ordered up a veritable fleet as a Christmas present and got to painting them up.

These will be used in a future alternate history bat…

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