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Epic Imperial Guard Army

With an unexpected house move on the cards later this month, I've been trying to round off a few projects recently.  This has been the impetus I've needed to get some painting done that's been sat on my desk for months - years, in one particularly embarrassing case.  I shared an update a few weeks ago about my Epic Imperial Guard army, where I talked about how collecting in 6mm would allow me to have an army on a scale way beyond what my 40K budget would allow.  And now, after some intensive PVA-and-sanding afternoons, I'm finished!

I've never actually played Epic, so a big part of this project was the collecting and modelling.  It feels good to have a full Palladian centuria, regardless of what scale it happens to be.

A huge part of the modelling here was the bases - I just sprayed the models brown, put on a few spots of colour and washed them.  But the careful layering of PVA and scattering sand took a total of about twenty hours.

Hope you like them!  Anyone els…

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