First Rank... Fire!

After a pretty hefty painting stint, I've managed to round off quite a few projects this week.  The Lativian Legion are all done (post to follow, as soon as basing is finished), my heavy weapons crews are coming along nicely, completed Ratlings ... and an Infantry Squad as well.  Looking back through my old posts, I realise that there's not very much on the rank-and-file 2nd Battalion infantry.  So here goes:

Way back in the mists of time, I did a step-by-step for painting these guys.  But this is the first squad (and heavy weapon) I've done in one go, and it shows my main painting objective well; ie. getting a squad that looks good as a group on the field as quickly as possible.

These chaps aren't fighting as a single squad, they're 'fillers' for all the odd 9-man squads that need topping up (painting chart helps here), and bits for casualties etc.  Now have the full 40-man two platoons ready for combat, although they're so fragile (6+ armour save, -1 to all cover saves) I've bought another two squads to beef them both out to three-squad platoons.

So, that's all folks, just a quick update.  As I say, waiting on good ol' Royal Mail now for some shotguns to finish the boarding party, as well as another Forgeworld purchase.  You'll all be pleased to hear I'm splashing out on a decent camera to take some better shots of my models as well.  See you all in a few days!


  1. Looking good! I really dig the paint scheme that you're using, the green and white piping really pops. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks! I'll keep the whole blogosphere updated with shiny photos as the army nears completion. I've always painted with green as a primary colour, I think the GW range of greens is stronger than blue or brown, the 'historical' uniform colours. I don't like mixing (for consistency reasons) so a good colour with lots of shades is a winner. In my humble opinion.

  2. Excellent work as ever! Naturally I do like mixing as I just have a penchant for slightly inconsistent colours - given how much I mix though, there isn't often that much noticeable difference.

  3. Great looking minis. Nice work!


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