Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A Tale of Two Armies - Building a 2mm Force

Our recent Talavera game was a huge success, but a correspondingly huge amount of work.  Our focus has been almost exclusively on gaming and rules-writing, so I thought I'd relax last night by building some 2mm Austrians from Irregular Miniatures, for a planed game of the Battle of Lobositz, 1756.

This is actually quite a complicated process.  To recreate accurately the ratios involved, I have calculated that:
  • 1 infantry base = 1 battalion = (about) 8 - 900 men
  • 1 cavalry base = 4-5 squadrons = 8 - 900 men
  • 1 artillery base = 15 - 20 guns
I then had to find an army list and translate them into numbers of figures.  This also involved approximating the many different types of unit into a couple of available figure types at 2mm.  For instance, grenadiers and line infantry can be easily represented by the same generic infantry block (with some judicious painting to set them apart), but different cavalry types have to be incorporated.  Almost no two cavalry units were the same, which was frustrating.

I notice that most of my posts are just nice shots of the finished miniatures.  I thought I'd show you round my War Room so you can see 'under the hood' as it were.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Battle of Talavera - Day Two

Today, we continue our large-scale Napoleonic battle report for the Battle of Talavera.  If you missed the first day, click here to read it.  We played this game in 2mm, using Irregular Miniatures and my own 2mm rules system.

So, let's remind ourselves how things stood at the end of the first day.  The British had taken a pounding, but their clever deployment along the line of the hills thwarted the French attempt to make a bold flanking manoeuvre.  The butcher's bill favoured the French, but they had been unable to make significant headway and had a touch prospect on the second day when they assaulted the town itself.

And so, let the battle resume...

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Battle of Talavera - Day One

A very special post today, as I bring you the results of the first day of the Battle of Talavera.  This is one of our Superbattles, played with realistic rules, fog-of-war, and in near real-time.  (Update - the second day is available here)
  •    French
    • Ed
    • Ollie
  • British
    • Dan
    • Mike
  • Umpire
    • Kieran
The battle was fought using our own 2mm rules, which focus on morale and cohesion over casualties.  The units are moved around on a secret map until they actually encounter one another, and are placed on the game board one by one.  In this way, the battle escalates into a full-scale engagement in a realistic way.  Mike painted all the Irregular Miniatures himself, to his usual very high standard.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Palladian Grav Troopers - Fallschirmjäger in 40K

As recently promised, here are some pictures on a project my brother and I have been working on recently.  The idea is a Fallschirmjäger-themed Imperial Guard force, focusing on ground combat as elite light infantry rather than the parachute element.  Full disclosure - this was mainly a vehicle to do something with the old Steel Legion models, which we both agreed were lovely.  The Steel Legion range includes some of my favourite models from the GW range - especial their heavy weapons.

Commanding officer, heavy weapons and a grav-trooper squad.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

British Civil Wars: 6mm Scots and New Model Army

I can share some photos of a rare phenomenon on Palladian Guard - a finished project!  I recently showed off a few shots of the 6mm New Model Army regiment, and mentioned that I'd ordered some Scots to oppose them from Baccus.  Well, I've finished the painting, and managed to get round to basing them, and they don't look half bad.  Like Two Splendid Lines, I've written a tactical-level game for the British Civil Wars to try and capture the mechanics of Pike and Shot era warfare.  More on that shortly.

Before we share the photos, a word on my progress.  I've recently developed a new technique which allows a quite staggering rate of painting.  I've shared some photos of my War Room, where there's a paint station, but I've started taking my models to work.  I'm in the Army, and in the week I live in a terrible condemned asbestos-filled block in Lincolnshire.  My 'room' is almost empty and I get very bored, so I've started taking bulk painting stuff like this back with me to paint at my desk.  This is what has allowed me to finish about 860 models in the space of a few weeks.

In fact, I've also had two sideline projects on the go, of which more later, but just to tease you - a Fallshirmjager-inspired 40K army, and some 10mm Saxons!  Anyway, back to BCW...

(I could get into a lot of trouble for putting models on the worktop, but I don't have a table up here to put them on)