Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Battlefleet 1900 Cruiser Clash

I see almost a month has slipped by without a post, so I made an effort to get some photos from a game Mike and I had last night.  It was just a simple Battlefleet 1900 game - I've played it before, but not for a long while.  My interest in pre-Dreadnought naval warfare is strong as ever, and Mike hadn't played this ever, so I thought it'd be a good chance to have a try.

I played the Russians (as in our recent Russo Japanese War campaign), using the cruiser Pallada and destroyer Zorki.  Mike opposed me with the Chitose and the Sai Yen.  In this case, my ships were bigger, faster, with a large number of small calibre guns and very poor armour.  Mike's ships were smaller, slower, with a single huge gun and much better armour.  We both had roughly equal tonnages, so the game was evenly-matched.

(Note to sticklers out there - the Sai Yen and Zorki were stand ins, as I don't yet have the models!)

My Russian ships at the bottom.  I had one tiny ship, and one (relatively) large ship, facing off against two moderately-sized foes.  Their guns would have been big on battleships, let alone these cruisers, which were designed as simple gun platforms.