Imperial Guard

122/7th Pioneer Company

Second Battalion, The Governor's Life-Guards

First (Praetorian) Regiment

The Imperial Guard have a special place in my heart.  Aside from a few lurid deviations onto Chaos Renegades, Space Marines and even WFB over the years, the Imperial Guard are the only army for me.  I'm a bit of a military history buff and so the opportunities to recreate and tip-the-hat to my favourite bits of history is to alluring.  I try to add bits of my own military experience to bits from the American Civil War, Roman Empire and First World War to create a unique army - which is, fittingly, the focus of this blog.

As well as my on-table 'Mordian' army, I have a real passion for 40K fluff and I've written a veritable tome of fluff which I've even had printed and bound.  All in all, it's a three-dimensional force of converted/painted minis, that can fight well on the battlefield, and that has a venerable and well-deserved reputation on the field.

For all the blog posts on the army, you can look here - also, use the labels on the right-hand side to pick out whatever bits of the army interest you, such as tanks, the famed Captain Nero or even insignia.

You can get a quick introduction to the fluff by reading the series of introductory articles - Who Are The Palladian Guard?


Colonel Scipio, Commander of I Praetoriae Regiment
with Iron Hearts Honour Guard
Imperial Guard High Command Squad
122/7 Company HQ (Forward)
Captain Nero's Company Command Squad

(Killed in Action - 341/012.M42)
Captain Nero is one of the Praetorian Guard's most famous - or infamous - officers, depending on your point of view.  His career looked fairly undistinguished, joining an obscure artillery regiment and earning several floggings for drunkeness and gambling.  After a particularly unpleasant incident with the Provost-Staff he had the book thrown at him - until, out of nowhere, the commander of the Praetorian Regiment mysteriously lifted him out of gaol and into a battlefield commission on Cadia.  Despite a few more disciplinary incidents (and the contempt of his fellow officers), he proved himself one of the bravest men in the history of the regiment, and the most decorated.  He fell in action in a duel with Sergeant Daxos, of the Renegade Blades of Fire chapter, and remains one of only six officers awarded the Honorifica Imperialis in the Palladian Guard.

HQ (Forward) - Command Salamander
Nero's Salamander


Thargadd's Thumpers
Ogryn Squad
122/7 Coy Reconnaissance Squad
Hardened Veterans
Auxiliary Sharpshooters' Squad
Ratling Snipers
99 Psyonic Detachment c. A.
Primaris Psyker and Sanctioned Psykers
1 (Mortar) Battery 
Heavy Mortar



Second Lieutenant CreticusCommander 1 Platoon
Infantry Platoon Command Squad
(Killed in Action - 291/012.M42)

First Lieutenant Marcus Rhyn c. A., Commander 1 Platoon
Infantry Platoon Commander
(Exchange Officer - Found Wanting in the Service of the Emperor - 341/012.M42)
Second Lieutenant Denarius, Commander 1 Platoon
Infantry Platoon Commander

First Lieutenant Galbrio, Commander 2 Platoon
Infantry Platoon Command Squad
(Killed in Action - 341/012.M42)
Second Lieutenant Aelius, Commander 2 Platoon
Infantry Platoon Commander

Third Lieutenant de la Rontoire-Khol
Sentinel Squadron

2872 (Air Defence) Battery
Hydra Flak Tank
2871 (Armoured) Battery
Leman Russ Demolishers and Vanquisher
943 (Ordnance) Battery
Earthshaker guns
2877 (Reserve Anti-Tank) Battery
Converted Laser Destroyer


  1. great work on the laser destroyer. Looks like a 1940-1960s era self-propelled anti-tank gun


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