Team Yankee Battle Report

After a busy couple of weeks, I managed to travel back home to have a game with my brother and a few friends.  We’ve been playing a lot of 15mm recently - Flames of War and ‘Nam - but this time we decided to break out our Team Yankee armies, which meant me dusting off my Polish Mech Company for an 80 point game.  We haven’t played this since December last year when we did an enormous 400 point game at work, which was enormous fun.

Anyway, without further ado let’s have some pictures!

Dug in British infantry.  Impossible to shift - although we nudged them off the objective long enough to score a win.

The Polish army - a correct number of BMPs for an infantry battalion, with tank company support.

These were the defended British positions we were attacking.

Lined up ready for the assault... BMPs are paper thin, but sport a flexible and capable armament.

The CO is safely tucked away behind a house...

BM-21 Grad unit.  They are actually remarkably poor at killing well-concealed infantry - the most I could do was keep their heads down.  A realistic reflection of real-life combat which I appreciate in the Team Yankee rules.

A company of T-72s gave my right flank some much-needed armoured punch, but they were no match for a dug-in platoon of Danish Leopard 2s.

The whole board.  We tried to swing round the right (far side) but found it too tough, so switched halfway through to a left flank (near side) which proved marginally more successful.  Lesson learned about retaining flexibility and the option to change an attack while it's still going on!

These Danish Leopard 2s proved a tough nut to crack.  Only when they dashed forwards to try and defend the objective did a barrage of AT-3 missiles manage to kill two of them.
And there we have it!  A solid, classic afternoon's wargaming with some good sporting opponents.

What more could you want!


  1. Lovely photos. I played a lot of WW3 micro armour thereafter but I like the larger scales, even if the figures seem a little cheek by jowl on the table. All that firepower makes for some interesting tactical problems!

    1. Thanks Mike. Yes, I’ve seen some... questionable tank deployments (stacked on to of one another) and I was initially wary of Team Yankee, but it’s an approximation. I’ve found 15mm great to paint as it balances looking good on the table with being quick to get through. What scale did you play? And what rules did you use? If I wanted to explore the period a bit more realistically, I could see myself investing in something like 3mm.

  2. Good looking game Ed. That table looks larger than regular 6x4'?

    1. Thanks mate. Yes, it’s a beize covered board that’s about 7’ x 5’. That’s an impeccable wargamers’ eye you have to spot that!


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