Epic Imperial Guard Army

With an unexpected house move on the cards later this month, I've been trying to round off a few projects recently.  This has been the impetus I've needed to get some painting done that's been sat on my desk for months - years, in one particularly embarrassing case.  I shared an update a few weeks ago about my Epic Imperial Guard army, where I talked about how collecting in 6mm would allow me to have an army on a scale way beyond what my 40K budget would allow.  And now, after some intensive PVA-and-sanding afternoons, I'm finished!

My Palladian infantry.  They're done in sandy colours and bases, as they will be used in a campaign set on a desert world.

The lascannons, done using FlaK 88 style anti-aircraft guns.

These 'heavy bolters' are in fact 6mm WW1 Maxim guns.

And these light artillery guns are 155mm Schneiders.

But these have to be my favourite models - Earthshaker guns!

I've never actually played Epic, so a big part of this project was the collecting and modelling.  It feels good to have a full Palladian centuria, regardless of what scale it happens to be.

A huge part of the modelling here was the bases - I just sprayed the models brown, put on a few spots of colour and washed them.  But the careful layering of PVA and scattering sand took a total of about twenty hours.

Hope you like them!  Anyone else an Epic player out there?



  1. Wow mate, that looks just lovely. Plans to grow it bigger? (I'm guessing there's another super-campaign on the horizon that these will feature in?)

    Used to have Orks, Guard and more importantly Squats for Epic from back in the day. All long since sold now though. Probably a good thing considering how large my unpainted pile has become :(

    1. No plans to grow it bigger - 6mm is fine for me! Ha ha, sorry I couldn't resist. Absolutely, I still have five more of those big Earthshakers to paint and add to it, perhaps I'll get it to a full legion strength...

      You had a Squat army? If possible, you've just gone up in my estimation. Yeah the one good thing about this move it's given me a huge kick to get things finished.

  2. They look great. 6mm always does on mass like that.

    Sad to say I've not played epic is over 20 years :(



    1. Thanks Pete, I can't wait to share game photos. In games under 10mm, I think the terrain becomes just as visually impressive as the armies. I never played it 'back in the day', but a friend who did put me on to it.

  3. Uuuurgh ! No. Iwillfinishwhativegotandnotbeswayedyousilvertoungedrouge !


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