6mm Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons

At the end of last year, I talked about a new project to bring the Palladian Guard to life by doing an Epic army.  This would let me collect an army on a much larger scale than 40K does, and let me play one of GW's classic games.  It's time for an update!  They're not all based, but I thought it best to share them as they are or else we'd be waiting all year.

These are all 'counts-as' models, so the 88's for instance represent lascannons.  A bit of an approximation, but it saves the confusion in house-ruling everything.

I've recently discovered the 3D printing website Shapeways as a great source of all sorts of niche items.  It can end up being very expensive, but for a big project like this it's ideal.

These are FlaK 88 style models which I ordered off Shapeways, using crew from Vanguard.

These beautiful Earthshaker models from Vanguard are going to be the centrepiece of the army.  They come with a nice stash of shells and a loading crane.  Expensive, but worth it.

These are actually Baccus 6mm WW1 Maxim Guns, but with some judicious painting no-one will ever know.  They're going to be heavy bolters.

These crew are manning what are in fact Schneider 155mm guns.

More Shapeways goodness in the form of a generic rocket battery I'm using as a Hydra.

As you can see, I've very sensibly focused on all the cool stuff first leaving me only the tedious job of putting the infantry together.  By the time I'm finished I hope to have an entire centuria of Palladian infantry, equipped for desert warfare.


  1. Mega. Looking forward to the blood pact opposition as well....

    1. I was thinking about opposition for them. It would be easy to build, and even easier to paint little red chaps in 6mm...

  2. Liking this very much. How are tank options out there at this scale? Or will it be a case of sucking up the cost and trying to purchase Epic scale originals from the 90s?

  3. Thanks Dai. They’re pretty good - there are a surprising range of 6mm “sci-fi” tanks out there. My favourite are also Vanguard: http://vanguardminiatures.co.uk/product-category/defeat-in-detail-6mm/tusculum-nova/novan-regulars-vehicles-and-aircraft/. They’re close enough to the original Epic models to be instantly recognisable, but distinct enough to catch your interest. Their “Centurion” pattern Leman Russes look particularly fine.


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