Veluwezoom Forest: Team Yankee Battle Report

Time for another Team Yankee battle report.  My friends and I are really enjoying this game, and have even taken part in the global campaign which is currently running: Firestorm Red Thunder.

This scenario saw my Poles and Kieran's East Germans pitted against Mike's expertly-painted Brits.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable game with more than its fair share of tension!

Result: Draw!

As you can see, Kieran and I tried to push everything we had into grabbing just one objective.  We failed rather miserably in defending our northern one, and if Mike had just one more turn he probably would have been able to drive the mortars off and snatch it off us.

Our T-72s, contrary to previous games, did splendidly and (although they outnumbered the Chieftains two-to-one) managed to kill them for the loss of only one of their own.  British infantry proved frustratingly implacable in the defence as always, and in the end we smashed each other into an honourable draw.

I'll get something different up in the next few days, but we have all been thoroughly bitten by the Cold War bug.  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did playing it - here are some more flavour shots of how the battle unfolded.

Bloody Brits!  Impossible to shift once in bulletproof cover.
AGS-17 grenade launchers.  Devastating firepower, combined with passable manoeuverability in a BWP-1.
The Horde!
The Chieftains normally do exceptionally well, but were delayed in reserve then got caught in the crossfire of two T-72 companies.  Still, lovely models, and fantastic painting by Mike.
My wave attack, speedbumped by two suicidal F432s.  They actually bought enough time for the British mortars to zero in and pin the entire company, bringing my attack to an embarrasing halt.
The end-game shot.  We were really starting to take a fearful toll on the Brits, but far too late in the game to affect the outcome.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great stuff again- makes for a very attractive table set up.



    1. Thanks Pete, appreciate your comment. Yes, a few years back we invested in terrain for all scales and came up with some really nice trees and buildings. They add so much to the reports.

  2. Another good one. Love to see Chieftains on the table.

  3. The game looks great. But it still creeps me out that you're wargaming my service. I couldn't do it. Everytime one of those Chieftains took a hit it'd be me on the side. I'd avoid playing it like the plague. Having said that, I can't not look, I have to know how it turns out.

    1. It can be a little close to the knuckle, I tried wargaming Afghanistan in 20mm once and thought it wasn't particularly fun.

  4. Your kit looks great on the table, and I always love to see Cold War Hot games. I did this w microarmour in the 80s and quickly got dissatisfied at how everything was in range (esp of MBTs and ATGMs) and how everything died. How do you find it in 15mm, because everything looks cheek by jowl there.
    Again, great game and thanks for the report.

    1. Thanks Mike! That's a really interesting question. When I first got into all small gaming (2mm and 6mm), I looked down on these sorts of games where things weren't 1:1 scale. I've got a bit more relaxed about it now and see things as representative - if the 8" range of an AK-74 is taken as being 'real', the tank models should really be about 1/8". I tend to lump games like this - at this scale and scope - into the 'unrealistic but fun' category. My 2mm gaming, where each figure is represented at real scale, is the 'serious' category of operational level wargaming for me.


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