28mm WW1 Officers

Does anyone remember when this blog used to be all about 28mm stuff?  I came round from being all about 40K, then moved over into historicals via WW2, then broke through into other scales with some 2mm gaming.  Since then, I've done about two years of nearly all teeny tiny troops.

2mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm... it's been a while, my old friend 28mm.  I occasionally do presentation figures for Supercampaigns, where I paint a model to represent each player.  Painting some of these for our ongoing WWI supercampaign has been a real treat, refreshing my painting skills and trying something new.  I'd be interested to hear what you think.

These are all Great War Miniatures, an excellent range of figures for those of you who (inconceivably) haven't heard of them.

This is my character, Brig. Gen. Sir Thomas Cowan.  I'm experimenting with adding extra highlights to bring out the depth of the fabric more, something I first tried on my 15mm Polish Cold War army.

With such a prominent map, there was a lot of pressure to paint something on it.  I kept it quite subtle, as I didn't want to distract too much from the figure itself.
This is Dan's character, a German infantry oberst.  The players all pick their own figures, so they represent aspects of their character in the supercampaign.  Here, Dan is a no-nonsense, ready-for-business regimental commander.
A lovely model that was a joy to paint.  I used weathering powder to try and create a realistic impression of the ground - something with which I've struggled in the past.
Kieran's artillery major, complete with field telephone.  Again, the map was a daunting prospect; I tried to paint artillery phase lines.  I'm about 4/5 happy with how it came out.
This was a conversion - I cut off the operator's forage cap and replaced it with an officer's peaked cap.
Ollie's stormtrooper hauptmann.  A lovely figure, really different from the 'classic' stormtrooper officer pose.  I'm particularly happy with the rank badges on the shoulder boards and the unit skull and crossbones patch.
Yet another map!  This time, I went for some simpler tactical scribblings to represent Ollie's character's tactical focus.
There's one more GWM pack on the way with Michael's character model; I'll post that when it's finished.  Hope you enjoyed this, I certainly enjoyed going back and lavishing some time onto individual figures after months of teeny tiny troops.  More battle reports in the next few weeks from this exciting campaign!

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  1. Love the maps, I think you did a great job on the details.

    1. Why thank you, my dear Marshal. It took a few attempts to get it right, and it's something I need to practice, but these have come out okay I think.

  2. I'll second the comment on the maps.

    Great work.



  3. They look great Ed! They indeed look like tough, no nonsense characters.
    The maps look spot on for the Western Front

    1. Cheers Paul! I was helped enormously by the fantastic quality of the models; I haven't painted many of them before but these were really impressive.

  4. Love them. The wee skull'n'bones patch is especially well done.

    With new 40k here now, will the palladian guard be making a resurgence?

    1. Appreciate it Dai. Why, funny you should say that, we were talking about the latest 40K only yesterday... perhaps there will be a game in the offing this week?

  5. Oooh, I might send some more officer types to splash....

    1. Looking forward to painting those - they look fantastic. I'll have to do a blog post when they're ready.


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