British Civil Wars: 6mm Scots and New Model Army

I can share some photos of a rare phenomenon on Palladian Guard - a finished project!  I recently showed off a few shots of the 6mm New Model Army regiment, and mentioned that I'd ordered some Scots to oppose them from Baccus.  Well, I've finished the painting, and managed to get round to basing them, and they don't look half bad.  Like Two Splendid Lines, I've written a tactical-level game for the British Civil Wars to try and capture the mechanics of Pike and Shot era warfare.  More on that shortly.

Before we share the photos, a word on my progress.  I've recently developed a new technique which allows a quite staggering rate of painting.  I've shared some photos of my War Room, where there's a paint station, but I've started taking my models to work.  I'm in the Army, and in the week I live in a terrible condemned asbestos-filled block in Lincolnshire.  My 'room' is almost empty and I get very bored, so I've started taking bulk painting stuff like this back with me to paint at my desk.  This is what has allowed me to finish about 860 models in the space of a few weeks.

In fact, I've also had two sideline projects on the go, of which more later, but just to tease you - a Fallshirmjager-inspired 40K army, and some 10mm Saxons!  Anyway, back to BCW...

(I could get into a lot of trouble for putting models on the worktop, but I don't have a table up here to put them on)

Unlike American Civil War armies, where it's mainly infantry with a small amount of artillery, BCW forces still have a dazzling array of troop types which make for complex tactical challenges on the field, as you try and get all these different specialists to work together.
A small body of NMA Commanded Shot.
The Scots' battle line - they have deployed some 'forlorn files' on the left, with skirmishers thrown out to protect the dense block of pikemen in the centre.

The Scots army is supported by a substantial body of cavalry, including these lancers.

NMA commanders, couriers and bodyguard.

NMA Commanded Shot supporting their cavalry.
Another look at the lovely Baccus figures, the Scots here strutting their stuff...

And the NMA pikemen.
There we have it.  The first playtest of War Without an Enemie will take place on Sunday 11th December, at the National Civil War Centre in Newark, Nottinghamshire.  We'll be in kit as part of a display by Colonel Robert Overton's Regiment of Foote, showing how battles were really fought in the Seventeenth Century.  Pop along if you can!



  1. They look great, always look forward your ECW related post, with the....

    WTF !??!?! Fallschirmjeagir 40 K !?

    1. Ha, I thought you'd like that... just basing them, then they'll be up in all their glory...

  2. Fallschirmjager in 40K. I like it and look forward to seeing what you've done with them. Old original metal Cadian uniforms and helmets always made me think that their design had been somewhat influenced but German FJ's.

    Those teeny tiny ECW armies look fantastic! And painting that much in so little time, very impressive.

    Man, I wish I could attend the event. :(

    1. It was only meant to be a teaser, and now two people have mentioned it in comments. I suppose this is what they call 'going viral'. I do love the original Cadians, and agree very much about the helmets - but it isn't Cadians!

      Thanks, although as I say it was motivated by boredom rather than dedication. Still, they're painted which is all that matters.

      One day, one day. All the gamers from across the world will be united at a random Partizan...


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