6mm BCW New Model Army Regiment

Time for a quick update today.  I posted a photo of my half-finished British Civil Wars regiment, Col. Overton's Regiment of Foote.  I was lucky enough to go to a reenactment of the Battle of Dunbar earlier this month, which has spurred me on to finish these off and start thinking about some Baccus 6mm Scots to oppose them.

I had a (rare) bad experience with ordering these from Baccus - they took about a month to arrive due to various reasons on their end, house moves, out of stock, etc.  Not something I would normally post about, but I mention it because it was very annoying not to get any updates and to have to chase the order repeatedly.  That said, I'm prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt and continue ordering from them, mainly because of the excellent quality of the miniatures and having had no other issues with Baccus before.

As mentioned in the last update, this represents a 1:1 scale Civil War-era battalia.  It's one of the rare battalias which are composed of troops from the same regiment - usually two small regiments would be combined to make a single fighting unit.

The battalia drawn up in line of battle.  Colours and drums at the front of the central pike block, with two wings of shot either side.  The lieutenant-colonel at the front (bottom), and sergeant major to the rear.

By creating some skirmish stands to interchange with the ordinary shot bases, you can clearly represent deployed skirmishers.

And using the colours and officer stands, seperate bodies of 'commanded shot' can be created.

A close up of the lovely Baccus figures.  The pikes are nice, but extremely fragile!

The colours and officer stands are actually Irregular Miniatures' 6mm range.

Another one of the unit drawn up for battle.

And the lovely musketeers!
That's your lot for now!  Things are pretty busy at the moment, both real life and wargaming (getting married three weeks today!) but I'm currently also working on a book detailing the twists and turns of our latest Supercampaign, the Siege of Port Arthur, with the gallant Paul currently reviewing the draft manuscript.  More details to follow!



  1. Hummm. If you've only had good experiences with them before and they still came through in the end. And they had a reason for being a bit uncommunicative and late; I think it sounds like a temporary interruption to normal service.

    1. Sounds very fair. Perhaps I was being a bit harsh, it was just very frustrating to deal with at the time. We'll see how this next order goes.

  2. It looks splendid. Nice to see someone ambitious enough to do 1:1 scale units. Given what I saw of the ACW rules you sent me, you are going to try some complex tactical evolutions with that lot.
    I have placed 3 Baccus orders in the last 3 years, good experiences all around. A good lot worth supporting.

    1. It would only work on this scale, really, but it was something I've always wanted to do. Yes, I'm currently working on a 'publish' version which will be a little easier to follow.

      Looks like I will be ordering again and chalking this one up to experience.

  3. O mate, that's an impressive sight. Massed ranks as they should be, not representing "X-amount" of troops. Painting is well done too on such teeny minis.

    I try to give my preferred vendors at least one chance after a muff-up. Like Zzzzzz says, could be it was all fair excuses?

    Marriage! Can't remember if you'd mentioned as much previously, but regardless am very happy for you Ed! ^_^

    1. Thanks a lot Dai, I don't really like the close up shots because it betrays the secret - they aren't really painted at all, just splodges of colour. Very good of you to say sir.

      Aha, I don't think I did, it's all been rather sudden but yes, it seems odd to have swung round like this. Especially since we started seeing each other at around the time I founded this blog...


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