Valhallan Inquisimunda Team

A couple of weeks back I showed you some pictures of my converted heavy bolter team and officer.  They're the first 40K models I've done in a while (the first 28mm for that matter), and I'm pretty pleased with them.

They're for an Inquisimunda/Necromunda/Kill Team campaign we have coming up.  We just like to mash the rules up until we have something vaguely playable.  Anyway, without any more ados:

The whole team.  In game terms, it's a platoon command squad with a flamer and a separate HB team.

Much to my brother's consternation, I'm a big fan of 80s red lasguns.
These are the extra infantry I painted last week
There you have it, some nice easy pics and proof that I haven't been entirely idle.  In other interesting news, our next Supercampaign is about to kick off, set in Port Arthur during the Russo-Japanese War.  Paul (he of Man Cave fame) is taking part from round the other side of the globe as the Japanese commander.  More to follow on this in the next few weeks...



  1. They are the best armed Russian Guardsmen I've ever seen!
    Port Arthur will be a tougher nut to crack that I thought :-)

    1. Ah, my secret weapon has been discovered! Although to be fair, that Vickers gun is pretty much exactly what my defence rests on...

  2. Ah, Vallhallans! One of my favourite guard regiments, pitty that they dont support the line as much as earlier. You did great job here, however they need at least 100+ buddies and 20+ tanks to call this a team. I like colours that you used a lot.

    1. Hi Jakub, thanks for stopping by! Mordians are my favourite but I like all the classic lines. You're right, it's a pity they don't do more with them (I think they're given half a page in the new codex), but on the other hand I suppose we're lucky they're still available at all.

      Yes, perhaps this does need to be the core of a new army!

  3. If you want the extra 100 valhallans and twenty tanks, just pop round.

    But red las-guns ? Sheesh....

    1. Pahaha I might just do that again one of these days. What, not a fan? Old is the new new mate.

  4. Red las guns will help them hide on Mars?

    Very fun mate. Valhallans were always one of my fav regiments.

    Hope there'll be no boring Space Marines in this game tho....?

    1. Exactly! Or the blood of all their comrades... Valhallans are good. They should have done more with these ranges in the new codex as I mentioned to Jakub, it's almost as if they're ashamed of these models.

      Boring SMurfs? What do you take us for? There's a Valhallan political officer, a Genestealer cult, a stranded Navy boarding party and a PDF security team!

    2. Proper-job 40K, lovely job.

      Less Marines, the better I say.


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