1:2400 Russo-Japanese War Ships

Things have been very ACW-heavy for the past few months, so to prove I have other things on the go I thought I'd share my progress on these Russo-Japanese War ships.  They're from the Tumbling Dice 1:2,400 Age of Battleships range, covering roughly the 1890s to 1910s.

I picked a few up at my last Partizan visit.  Suitably impressed, I've been slowly adding to the range with a view to playing out some RJW naval actions.  These are all based on circular MDF bases, with 'No More Nails' glue sculpted into water.

Above, we have the Pallada-class armoured cruiser, which we're using to depict a fictional ship - the Burya, or 'Storm'.  We designed this using the excellent shipbuilding simulator Rule the Waves.

These models have lovely details, and are very easy to paint.  I had to use some inspired guesswork on the paint scheme.

I try to make a good bow wave and wake, since it makes the ships look more dynamic.  I want to invest in a 'sea mat' which can be unrolled and used for games.

And a horde of Japanese torpedo boats for them to fight!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little distraction.  Comments welcome, thanks for reading!



  1. Wow Ed, you added some rigging as well!? Very nicely done on some tiny tiny detailed pieces.

    The waves effect look very convincing. All choppy and so forth, I feel sorry for the poor souls crewing these dinghies, their lunches must be all over the deck!

    1. Ah yes, that was very fiddly! I put a dot of superglue on the bow then added a piece of thread. Once it was dry, I put another dot on the mast and stretched it there, then cut the extra off. Long work.

      Thanks! If I'm totally honest I'm more pleased with the TBs than the Burya itself. I was still experimenting there - but it's fine for the tabletop. Yes, the ships are bad enough but I wouldn't want to be on a launch or anything!

      Interestingly BF1900 does include rules for rough seas, basically your accuracy is negatively affected, and it's slightly easier to capsize.

  2. They look great- I've been tempted by that range since it was released.



    1. Thank you Pete - yes, I fell in love with them. The first time I saw them was 'in the flesh', so I couldn't help myself!

  3. Very, very nice Ed. Your lively sea basing is fantastic too
    Looking forward to seeing these in action!

    Now a (non modern) naval campaign is something I can REALLY get into
    I've always wanted to do some big battle in this era. If you are going to go whole hog into a Supercampaign you need to drop me a line :-)

    1. Cheers. If you scale it up I suppose it would be extremely choppy for those poor TBs...

      Ah yes, email sent...


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