The Flag of the Fourth Texas

It's been a little while since I've done a post, so a quick update to whet your appitites for the forthcoming campaigns.
  • The Two Splendid Lines campaign is on hold for a few weeks.  The next battle, Antietam, requires six regiments so I have a lot of painting to do! 
  • I'm writing a series of linked games for Battlefleet 1900, where a team of players takes command of a single ship and leads it to glory.
  •  There's a 40K campaign in the works, using 2mm models and rules based on our Cold Steel super set.
You want pictures you say?  Well, how about the regimental flag of the 4th Texas.  My very patient mother (who still helps her 26-year old son with sewing all his costumes together) made us a very nice homespun regimental flag.

Thanks mum!  I painted the lettering on with ordinary white model paint.  The best part is, after each battle I get to add another battle honour to the flag.  I deliberately didn't measure the lettering to give a more rough-and-ready feel to it.  I wanted this to seem like it had been done pinned to the side of a barn somewhere in Virginia, not made in a factory.

Anyway, that's what's taking my time up at the moment.  I'll try and get some pictures of the finished TSL troops up later this week.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Excellent - beautiful flag - you should get other people to paint the battle honours on as well, just for variety.

    Looking forward to 2mm40K.

    1. That's not a bad idea, I'll see if the others fancy a go. Shouldn't be too long in the works for the 40K campaign...

  2. 2mm 40k? Sounds interesting mate. Tho I suspect you'll still not have as much stuff on the table as Zzzzz's 28mm epic games!

    That flag looks amazing! You are a lucky fellow to have such a talented seamstress at hand.

    1. That will always be the dream, but I don't think we'll ever get there!

      I've passed all the comments onto Mum, who is suitably pleased ... she does look after us all.

  3. So, so lovely.

    And aren't mums brilliant?!

    1. How rude of me not to have replied to your comment! Can you forgive it being 18 months late? Thanks Drax!


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