The Royalists' Last Stronghold

Perceptive readers of my last post remembered that my last Supercampaign was accompanied by a full book detailing the twists and turns of the battles, written in the style of a real-world history book, and called Burning Tennessee.

Well, I'm pleased to be able to say I managed to put something similar together for the English Civil War campaign.  It's not on quite the same scale as Burning Tennessee (I had a lot of free time earlier this year to be able to write it), but it's got all the lovely details in there.  In a similar vein as my last book it's written in the style of an Osprey book, with maps and pictures re-captioned to describe our own campaign.

The front cover - the painting is actually Dutch, but has been 'recaptioned' to show the fictional
destruction of the town's magazine during the storming of the town.

My own fictional biography...
This map from the National Civil War Centre was superimposed with the details of our final battle...
Unfortunately, this project won't be for sale as all the appropriated pictures and styles are strictly 'for personal use'.  However, I'd be happy to share PDFs with people for free if you want to read the whole thing.  Just drop me an email, link in the sidebar.

And there you have it!  Something physical to look back on in later years and remember the campaign by.   Hope you enjoyed...



  1. Oooh Nice. NMA all the way.

    S'godzwurk, y'no.

    1. Booo! Ssss!

      I thought your neck of the woods would be all for the King?

    2. Yep, they mostly are, here.

  2. Looks fan bloody tastic mate. I think I'll send an email for the pdf, yes I will.

  3. Replies
    1. I don't know about 'good', hopefully dramatic!

  4. I can vouch that it's an absolute corker of a read, although I think the Scots deserve even more credit ;) I think these fictional histories need more fictional historiographical debate over drinks.The campaign was brilliantly run and brilliantly written up as always. One word though: Downfall. The next campaign is going to be another level I think.

    1. That's the next plan - an alternate-alternate history for the Second Day of Chattanooga!

    2. After reading through the first, I'll be doubly down for reading some more!


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