Mordheim Battle Report: Blood on the Streets

With some unexpected time off, I managed to get two games of Mordheim in with Mike today.  Smashing games they were too - both played with our Gaming Philosophy in mind - lots of terrain, lots of fluff, a few skirmishing models.

This is part of a series of on-off games we're playing as part of a casual campaign, using the Fourth Kingdomites - a shooty warband with lots of muskets and pistols.  Facing off against them were Prince Leopold's finest, a tough warband that has won just about every encounter so far. A daunting prospect!

We diced for the Street Fight scenario, where a single road running through the middle is bordered by a row of houses, the rest of the board being impassible.  The objective was to get off the other side of the table.

Fourth Kingdomites
  • John Carew - leader
  • 'Naughty' Sally - champion
  • 'Deadeye' Rupert - champion (musketeer)
  • 'Strongarm' Roger - champion (musketeer)
  • 'Bish' (The Bishop of Ropeth & Mundy) - champion
  • The Three Musketeers - henchmen with muskets
Prince Leopold's Finest
  • Leopold, Prince of the People - leader, top floor
  • Gunther - champion, middle floor (L-R)
  • Maximilian - champion
  • Josef- champion
  • Alec - champion
  • Karl - champion
  • Marienburg Dandies Fencing Association - henchmen with swords
  • Marienburg Archery Society - henchmen with longbows
  • Tiny the Ogre
My worthy opponents!

The board, complete with random gantries and ladders that make our games so enjoyable.  I started with my missile-heavy warband in the bottom right, Mike's all-rounders in the top left.

A view down Mordheim's main street...
My warband prepares to set off into the gloom...

My now-legendary marksman, 'Deadeye' Rupert.  Thanks to a series of lucky skill rolls, he can now fire his musket twice per turn and ignore cover, and has had some success at picking off people from across the board.

Mike cleverly split his large warband in half, each one working its way through the rubble of the houses avoiding the open streets below.  Unluckily, 'Strongarm' Roger was waiting and managed to pick one swordsman off as he sprinted through the gap in the buildings.
Rupert had an excellent position at the end of one of the longer streets, from where he managed to shoot a bowman trying to cross a gantry.  After successfully hitting him and knocking him over, the poor chap tumbled a full 7" to the ground and was promptly out of action.

John Carew, my warband leader, eagerly charges into the fray alone and is wounded by Josef.
Fortunately, an upgrade roll in the last game gave him two wounds and kept him in the fight!

Prince Leopold himself (cowering behind that cover) trades shots with 'Naughty' Sally - now known affectionately as 'Stupid' Sally after a head injury permenantly subjected her to the Stupidity rule.  A lucky volley from the musketeers behind Sally took Mike's captain out of action - three kills meaning a break test, which they failed, leaving me the victor!
A shock victory for the Fourth Kingdomites!  Usually I lose horribly, my shooty warband is quickly outflanked and overwhelmed in close combat.  This time, however, they got a few lucky breaks with some long-ranged shots and I managed to force them to break before the nasty Ogre could get stuck in.  I should contextualise this by mentioning that this is the first ever game I've won in this campaign, and the follow-up match was a brutal slaughter in which three of my champions were thrown of gantries and taken out of action.  Ouch.

Well played Mike!

Bye for now,



  1. That's some lovely looking terrain you get to play on. That's the problem with games like Mordheim/ Necromunda - if you haven't the appropriate stuff to play on, the experience isn't as engrossing as this battle report! Would love to play this game, but, for once someone else would have to assemble all the game-parts!

  2. Hurrah for the fourth kingdomites !


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