Sandman Specialist Entry Team

Regular readers will remember the crew of the Punisher tank from last year who defected to the Breaker Insurgency (the rebellious miners rising up against Palladian rule in our current campaign).  Well, Coldsteel Dan repaid the favour with some of Inquisitor Tiberius' hand-picked 'Specialist Entry Teams' of elite Guardsmen.  Here are the models Dan made and painted, along with some fluff.  These chaps will be joining in our forthcoming Small Games.

Sandman 3-2 (left)

Sandman is the designation given to all 51st Kerysian ‘Specialist Entry Teams’ that are spread though the infantry companies of the 51st Kerysian (Light Infantry) Regiment.  Sandman units are small 6-man teams that spearhead building entry and clearance, clearing the way for the infantry platoons, they are also responsible for platoon level refresher training in urban warfare. 

Each team consists of a Team Commander, a ‘Breacher’ equipped with a Meltagun and breaching charges and 2 clearance pairs (One equipped with a Flamer and the other with a Lasgun). 

The Team Commander must be at least a Sergeant and personnel with specialist weapons must at least hold the rank of ‘Chosen Man’

Sandman 3-2 are volunteers in Tiberius’ Cadre* and have been tasked to support and train 122/7 Company, 1st Praetorian Regiment in Urban Pacification Tactics for the 4th Edethorian War

  • Team Commander – Sergeant Hannigan
  • Breacher – Chosen Man Hilland
  • Clearance Pair 1
    • Flamer – C/M Needham
    • Rifleman – C/M Winfield
  • Clearance Pair 2
    • Flamer – C/M Tyler
    • Rifleman – C/M Spencer 

Laurus Rex 9th Marine Squadron - Orbital Landing Party 15 (Right)

The Marine Squadrons of the Laurus Rex are Ship-to-ship and Ship-to-ground Shock troops.  OLP 15, Led by Ensign Plater, have volunteered to serve Tiberius’ Cadre in this capacity.  Tiberius has attached them to 122/7 Company to give them a deep strike capability.

Hope you enjoyed that little update.  More to follow next week - thanks for reading,



  1. Ah, damned hotel interweb - it can't handle the pictures....

  2. Gah. Third time I've tried getting this comment to stick.

    Great work by Dan.

    The colour choice and miniature posing is very good.

    I like the fluff.

    Top marks all round.

    Now stick you blasted comment! !!

    1. Cheers mate - yes, he really won with that combination of Scouts 'n' Guard. Curse you, Blogger!

  3. This is all rather lovely, I must say...

    1. Well YOU'RE rather lovely for saying so. Cheers Drax!

  4. That fluff is great. A very nice couple of squads that will hopefully not get creamed in their first game versus close combat marines. :P

    CSD has done a good job.

    1. Well since they'll probably end up squaring up against the Palladians in the future, I have a strange dual feeling about it. Respecting the models, but also wanting dearly to smash them to a pulp...

  5. I can see 'me now I'm home. Nice work.

    1. Cheers Zzzz, glad you enjoyed. Nothing like techy problems while on the move, eh?

  6. Good to see these guys on here! Should be able to show the Palladians how to fight properly!

    1. Thanks mate - we'll see on the field of battle...


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