Post Battle Report: Evacuation

Hi everybody!  I'm very pleased to be able to say me and Coldsteel Dan managed to get in a game of 40K this weekend - a fantastic cut-and-thrust, back and forth game that came right down to the wire.  Dan has written up a report, which you are ordered to check out here.

To summarise what happened, it was a random game length scenario (written by Dan), where the Blades of Fire defenders had 1,000pts to stop my 1,500pts of attackers from destroying the launch pad of a Stormraven attempting to escape.  My attackers came on in waves, but 2 Platoon had to hold out on its own for three turns as I rolled a spectacular succession of '1's until turn three, when most of my army rolled on.

It wasn't until turn six that my numbers decisively told, and I managed to start shooting at the launch pad.  But it was very tough, and only through some excellent work from my Veterans and their meltabombs, coupled with two 4+ rolls to keep the game going into turn eight, that I managed to scrape a victory.  As I pointed out to Dan, however, of the 75 Palladians on the field, only eight walked off.  It was a messy battle.

Dan's done the full report but I got a few pictures - slightly blurry as they were taken in Ze Bunker:

2nd Lieutenant Denarius found himself in range for a charge - and was the first Palladian to voluntarily get into close combat in the campaign.
What?!  They won!  Thanks to some lucky rolls plus the power weapons, only one Devastator remained.
Denarius was Swiss-cheesed with bolter fire shortly afterwards.
Bring it on!  Scouts are a little more bitesized for Guardsmen but were still a tough nut to crack.
The dreaded Daxos and his Relic Blade (which killed Capt Nero).  He managed to take down this squad like a Relic Blade through butter.  They ended up being the only survivors on the field at the end of the game.
A very brave Death or Glory attack from the scouts.
As Dan mentioned it was a brilliant game, really hung in the balance until the last turn.  My post-battle report:
  • Captain Severus, in his debut battle, actually found himself in close combat where he cut down three Marines with his power weapon.  Then, with his entire command squad killed, I moved him back out of harm's way - voluntarily, not a failed leadership check - although still a pretty cowardly thing for him to do!
  • 2nd Lieutenant Aelius arrived on turn three and had his command squad shredded by Praxiteles, the Venerable Dreadnought counts-as.  He was promptly executed by the commissar.
  • 2nd Lieutenant Denarius (exchange officer from Dai) was tragically cut to bits, but counterbalanced the others' efforts with a truly heroic charge.
  • I was also very pleased with my Laser Destroyer, which managed to take out a tank and damage the objective as well.
So there will be more than a few empty spaces in the mess tonight, a very heavy toll paid for victory.  A lot of good officers died with nicely converted models, so I'll be re-using them at some stage.  Once again my thanks go out to Dan for his great scenario and a sporting, well-fought, enjoyable game.

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  1. Im sure Captain Severus was forced to withdraw, under a hail of bolter rounds, while dragging his young adjunct Maggrin, a 19 year old, (already dead unfortunately) to safety back at their own lines, only while cursing and yelling insults and firing his pistol in the general direction. A much more dignified way of falling back more befitting a commander of men! Sounded like a great game, looking forward to more.

    1. Well that's just it. The only character dynamic I had down for Severus was that he was a disciplinarian - the other traits would fall out of his performance in battle. Since he seemed to worm his way out of combat without actually retreating, that explanation seems perfect, he just 'manages' to wheedle his way out of the battle and come out smelling of roses. Thanks for reading, there will be more to follow!

  2. Replies
    1. It's very tough, but usually Guard officers don't have to be there for very long...

  3. O the humanity of it all!


    Guards really shouldn't stand a gnat's chance in a Hurricane in close combat versus Marines, but that's just my opinion. Perhaps I'm expecting too much when I hope for the rules to match the fluff?

    I guess new a liaison officer is needed.

    1. Maybe so, but if any Guard are going to prevail in CC (in both fluff and rules terms) it's going to be a rather impressively-dressed command squad with power swords, versus a SMurf squad burdened with Heavy Weapons and such like.

      Denarius is too nice a model to properly retire. The character may be dead but he will live on in a new incarnation soon! (Very soon, if the current rate of attrition is maintained...)

    2. I was suffering under the wrath of the Dice Gods for the first turn! - well until the Tactical Squad next to them brassed 'em up!

    3. Denarius could well be recovered from the battlefield and just convalesce for a bit until he's ready to face whatever comes next....

  4. Looks like a damn good game sir and I wish I'd made it now, although it did mean I got some painting done (blog post up now too). Looks like the Edethor campaign is going to be a bloody one.... (and bloody good to *chortle*)

    1. Thanks muchly, it was worth it to see those scouts! Just thinking now about how we're going to formalise this into a proper campaign... watch this space...

  5. Ultimately, the iggies have chased off the smurfs. T-da wiktor, da spoils !*

    *It's hard to type and sound like Columbo.

    1. It was good enough for me to spot the accent before reading the postscript. I think maybe he would say "smoifs".

  6. Best of luck with your Edethor Campaign, colonel! They can be quit irritating, and quite often enough blood is spilt to make a nice uniform turn into a crimson shroud. Best of luck, my brother Pallidians! There is much glory to be won in the future!

    1. "Irritating" is the perfect word. Can't I just squash these rebels and go and fight in a real war on Cadia? Also I like Crimson Shrouds - sounds like a good nickname for my unit!*

      *I've just realised my last unit's nickname was 'The Gravediggers' in reference to their absurdly high casualty rate. Beginning to see a pattern here.


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