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I recognise that I probably have enough Guard officers now.  For those who don't know, my Imperial Guard Army is led by commanders who each have their own unique storylines, backgrounds and careers.  And they are 'Dead is Dead' - so if they loose their last wound in a game, that's it.  They're retired and I convert a new model.

That of course means lots of conversions, since Guard officers have a very short lifespan.  But I enjoy it - if I haven't done a 40K model in a while, I can convert my own new model from scratch and spend a while on him.  Here's my latest offering ...

As you can probably see, the model is one of the old classic Catachan lieutenants with an old peaked cap attached.  Simple.  I haven't thought of much background yet, but I suspect the phrase 'gung-ho' will appear somewhere in the fluff, at least once.

So I have decided open it up to the floor and crowdsource a background - look at the model, and post below a quick summary of what you think would be the perfect backstory and name, and you could write a piece of history for the illustrious 122/7 Company!

Blades of Fire

Also today there is another blogger joining us.  'Coldsteel' Dan is a good mate and the other third of the trilogy that is me and Kieran.  He's starting up his blog today, so please take a look at his blog and follow it.  There's some fluff up there now and also Dan's going to be putting up some photos of his beautifully-converted army, the Blades of Fire chapter.  Because I can't wait, here are a few pics from some of my many battles with him.

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  1. Another great lookin model. Hmm I will have to put my thinking cap on.... ok here it goes....

    Duke Stone AKA ‘Capt. 75’

    A wise-cracking, hyper-masculine tough guy. Duke is a confident, aggressive, muscle man, who, although not superhuman, nonetheless manages to achieve incredible physical feats of violence and conquest through sheer machismo and expertise with automatic firearms.

    While some say the nickname of 75 refers to his IQ, it actually stemmed from his catchphrase of labelling things as ".75 problems"- in reference to his trademark .75 calibre bolter.
    - "Chaos Marine, pfft nothing but a .75 problem."-

    Uncharacteristic of most Palladian officers, Duke or 'Capt. 75' is more often than not found in situations that contain extreme violence and gore, strong language, explicit sexual content, adult humour and alcohol - Certainly not an officer for the faint of heart trooper, or the easily disturbed and offended Senior Commander. On duty, he is frequently ‘out of uniform’ while off duty circumstances usually find him surrounded by many buxom women. A true man’s man of one-liners battlefield heroics.

    Duke plays up the ‘tough guy’ or ‘action hero’ role whenever he can, always seen with his Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses (even at night). But the question remains; how long can an officer like 'Capt. 75' survive in the nightmare world of the 41 millennium?

    If you still haven't got the point he is a pastiche of a number of Hollywood action heroes and maybe one computer game hero in particular!


  2. Yuri "Bull" Arkana.

    Yuri Arkana was always a little different than other Pallidians. He always disliked the formalities and properness of the regiment around him, so when he took inherited command via brevet, he was more than happy to allow men under his command to act more freely and autonomously. He has seen action all across the Cadian gate, Eastern fringe, Marachan Crusade, and dozens of other conflicts. Each time he comes back with a new set of scars and less men than when he set out.

    His nickname, 'Bull', is a reference to his sheer size. Easily twice the size of a normal Pallidian guardsman, he is able to lift and fire a custom made bolter at full auto.

  3. Julius 'Julie' Guldeford

    With his Father a High ranking Palladian officer it was inevitable that his son would follow in his footsteps (that and joining the Officer Corps was a condition for his trust fund)

    His Incompetence is legendary, and his ego is only surpassed by his waistline. His survival is only due to the SNCO's picking up the pieces of his shoddy plans.

    A compulsive liar - he always tries to take credit for the successes of those under him, his custom bolter, though he claims he took it off a renegade Commander whom he killed with his bare hands was simply a graduation gift from his father

    Julius doesn't care though - he's never had it so easy

    1. Thanks for all the great suggestions chaps - I like them all and my only regret is that there can only be one winner. Although the runners-up may still get used later on. I can't make a decision this difficult on my own so next week, when I do my next post, I think I'll let the dice decide!

    2. ohhh Coldsteel, that's gold.
      I actually think that mine might be how he sees himself and yours would be how others see him.
      And James, cool name!
      Ed, maybe you could mash all of them together?
      Except for Zzzzz's. Sue. Really? Bahahaha!
      Actually I changed my mind, call him Sue, LOL.

    3. Heh... 'A boy named Sue'
      'Wonder if that would make his dad Colonel Johnathan Cash?

  4. Looking at the model it has to be either a lead-from-the-front gung-ho type commander or the waste-of-good-rations incompetent commander

    1. Arg! I used a D6 to pick a winner but kept re-rolling it, I wanted to use them all! To that end, I will go with the first result for the original winner which is Col Ackland and Capt Stone! Thanks mate!

      But I can't not use the other two, so I'll be using Guldeford and Arkana to name two as-yet-unchristened Junior Officers I've built and never used yet. And not forgetting Zzzz, the Company Armsman (CSM equivalent) is now going to have an embarrassing first name he never tells anyone about...

      Thanks for all your feedback chaps - Capt Stone is ready to take the field!


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