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After a lot of 40K stuff over recent weeks, I think it's time for an update to my World War 2 forces.  Since August (which was WW2 month last year) I haven't really done much on them and Headologist and I last did a battle in October.  Not forgotten, just on the back burner really.

So I was clearing out my modelling area when I decided to do a few bits which have been sitting on my desk for yonks - mostly the old WW2 stuff you see before you.

Think the signposts and guard huts are from West Wind's Berlin or Bust range, but can't really remember ... the Kettenkrad is from Warlord Games.  Enjoyed painting these as it gave me chance to work on my freehand painting.

Incidentally, I was using some GW spray to undercoat the Kettenkrad when all of a sudden it began to spray with bits in it, almost like a texture spray.  Nozzle probably wasn't clean, but it was brand new.  Anyone else had this issue?  Managed to salvage the model by turning it into mud and grit, but it's quite noticeable.

A few completed paratroopers.  If I'm honest, I'm not happy with the bases
but now I've started I can't change halfway through.  Oh well.

A few dastardly officers of the SS for the Resistance campaign.  Generic greatcoated officer with MP-40 on the left,
and a Reichsdeutsche - ie. German - officer attached to the Croatian Handschar division.  The greatcoat chap, and the Handshar cap are both from Warlord again, I believe the body of the other officer comes from the German Staff pack, again Berlin or Bust range.
Before you go...

I know I don't usually do shouts-out but I was drawn to a nice new blog recently, which is run by James, called Tales of Infinite Mischief.  Well worth a look, he's just getting started but it looks like it's going to be a cracker.

There's some good fluff up already about the regiment, from Maracha, and I know battles have been fought so probably batreps soon too.  Well worth a look and a comment if you have the time.

Anyway folks, thanks for reading!

The Colonel


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray, will try and get the rest of the Falschys finished soon!

  2. Love that Croatian feller.

    The clotting of the paint could be due to temperature and humidity of your area?

    1. It's nice isn't it, kind of a Tommy Cooper feel to it.

      Hmm, clotting - your use of a specific term suggests it's more common than I thought. As for humidity, I keep it in my living room which is very well-aired (near the top of a block of flats, windows and balcony doors always open), so I'd say cool and dry would be the prevailing conditions.

      I like your new avatar by the way :)

  3. I've had that happen when I've been slack on shaking the can before spraying...

    1. That may be it... I need to do some more test runs before I use it and ruin another model. I'll try an extra-vigorous shake before I do. Thanls for the tip.


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