Imperial Guard SMG Trooper

Hello once again folks!  This week has seen me get back into the swing of modelling after a bit of a dry spell.  With my Guard army basically finished, the main effort has switched onto my Penal Legion.

But sitting watching Hornblower* DVDs for hours means there's more time than models at the moment, so I was reduced to tinkering a bit.  A few of you may remember my remaining Germans for the Army of Freedom WW2 campaign.  Well, while getting stuck back into painting some German paratroopers from Warlord Games I found on the plus side, I'd got two officers rather than one.  On the minus side, their MP40s were both badly warped and couldn't be used.  Possibly why there were two in there.

Anyway, one of them was okay, I could use a spare MG42 from a vehicle kit and have him sturmfeuer-ing**, but what to do with the other?  Hmmm, an Imperial Guard webbing set here, a cut-down lasgun there...

What do you think?  It's just a laspistol and a cut-down lasgun stock to give that SMG feel.  Painting was deliberately kept very simple.  Not sure what he's going to be used for, it was for fun rather than a specific project but my Veteran Squad is still only 9 men strong, so they may have another recruit now!

Just a quick one for today.  There's a couple more of these one-offs I'm working on at the moment, so I'll get pics of them up soon!  Thanks for reading!

The Colonel

This is where he came from ...
(*No sniggering at the back!  It's a wonderful TV series and an even better book.  If such childish innuendo amuses you (as it does me) then I'd suggest reading the books because they've got such gems in as:  [to a leadsman], "What sort of a bottom are you feeling?" and "No, Mr. Hornblower, you must return to sea.  I want you watching Brest!"

**Incidentally I've always wanted to know more about the sturmfeuer and firing LMGs, resting the bipod on another fellow's shoulders.  Both are staples of movies and indeed miniatures, but since childhood I've never been able to find any written evidence that this actually happened.  Nobody happens to know, do they?)


  1. I dig it! That ended up looking sharp!

    1. Thanks Mordian! Might try converting a squad of these for assault troopers. They're not too hard on bitz.

  2. Hornblower is great!

    The series was very enjoyable, but the books really are SUPERB!

    Oh, and...great model too!

    1. Agree there, the TV series was nice eye candy but it compressed a lot of good stuff from the books. Just finished 'Young Hornblower', moving onto 'Capt Hornblower RN'!

  3. HORNY!!!!
    The Miniseries is very very good, but i think like Drax. The Books are superb.
    But i love Sharpe.....sometimes i thought to see horny in the series too^^.

    1. Horny indeed ... they are brilliant books. Didn't realise Hornblower was so well-known with all you guys!

  4. The last time I saw a Hornblower episode I was a strapping young midshipman at HMAS Creswell... I'll have to hunt down a season or two to re watch them :)
    As for Sharpe, I have never seen it! I'll have to hunt that down too!

    Every time you post up another model I think "Colonel Scipio really can do no wrong". Please do use him as in the Veteran Squad- he is mega cool.

    1. Very kind of you Col Ackland. I'll have to do that, although my Veteran Squad almost always dies to a man in every game :(

      Haha never seen Sharpe myself. Getting much stick from the lads in unit for betraying them and watching a 'Navy thing' without seeing Sharpe first!

  5. Showing off your fast painting skills! You put us all to shame.

    I like him, he looks business. Las carbine is a nice conversion too.

    Never saw Hornblower, but I'll have to see if Netflix has it. My Naval Chaplain Grandfather would have been rather annoyed with me on this seeing as I'd seen Sharpe multiple times.

    1. I am a bit :p working nights at the moment which means long hours of painting and waiting for dawn... that las carbine was actually one of my first ever conversions (on a model I've long since lost track of), so every time I do a new army I always do one token SMG.


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