U-96 - Another Project On The Side (or Abeam...)

Well, I said there would be distractions.  Carrying on from the Evening Star a few days ago, now I've finished another kit - a German Type VIIC U-Boat U-96, this one from Revell.

As with the Evening Star, I found this an incredibly complex kit to put together.  Unlike last time, this was mostly due to the small scale rather than the kit itself and resulted in me loosing bits quite often, but I managed to recover them all and finish the model.

As with last time, I was really looking forward to painting this and trying out some of my newfound skills with weathering powders and washes.  After a standard grey coat, I washed the whole thing with Nuln Oil and then applied a healthy dose of powder.  Black in places, but mainly rust.  Then, a light drybrush with some metals and light greys.  Despite the slightly ham-fisted construction of the kit I'm pleased with the final result, and it'll make a nice little stand to go on a desk somewhere.

Incidentally, I recently upgraded my digital camera to this beast which only cost £80 from Asda.  Well worth it for the decent macro mode, but I'm still trying to work out all the features and get to know it all (hence the slightly blurry photos).  

That's it, just a quick update today.  Hopefully back to more traditional, wargamey modelling next time.  Thanks for reading and until next time, troops ...

The Colonel


  1. This is absolutely beautiful, and impressive shading consiering it's entirely grey (battleship or ocean..?). The weathering is spot on, love it!

    1. No, it's military grey... thanks, pleased with how the weathering came out, it was my main focus with the painting.


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