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Must ... crush ... Atlantis ...
Well, here we are at the end of Palladian Guard's first calendar year.  And what a year it's been!

Rather than ramble on about where I'm at on each project, if passengers would direct their attention to the links at the top of the page, I keep these (fairly) up to date so you can click on each period/rules system and check out the latest piccys.  Also, I'd recommend reading a battle report or two if you have the time.

But my greatest progress has been (without sounding too soppy) on the friend-making front.  I must confess that when I started, as a 'forum frequenter', this blog was a bit narcissistic - show off my mediocre painting skills and get a few comments from a Taiwanese spam artist.  I'd never have imagined some of the projects I'd get involved in and some of the people I'd communicate with, so that's an added bonus that I hope to carry forward.  But on to some more definite goals:
  • Game more.  This is so cliched that it's almost not worth putting.  But for me especially - I have no local club and my job calls for a very nomadic lifestyle, so my only adversary is usually good ol' Headologist who does the honours.  But if we get a game in every two months (!) that's good going, so I hope to make a bit more of an effort and smash out more battles.  To prove that I'm actually going to do this, I invested about £100 in various boxes and carry cases which should mean I can carry all my models around more easily and make the drive up the country every now and again to see the good fellow.
  • Finish my WW2 armies.  I have two platoons of 28mm Waffen-SS for my alternate history WW2 campaign.  The Latvian Legion are almost done, but my Croatian Handschar platoon has stalled a bit, along with the Fallschirmjager squad - admittedly because I've been painting things for other people rather than not painting at all.  But I want to have a fully painted German force to oppose the Army of Freedom fairly soon, so we can start the campaign.
  • Use the abbreviation 'Q.E.D.' in a blog post to sound clever (I heard it on QI last night).  Wait a minute ... Q.E.D.!
  • Do some 'Airfix' kits.  Or Revell or whatever.  This is cheating a bit, as I know I'm going to achieve this one - I'm travelling back to London following my Christmas break, and my bags are laden with a few such kits I got for Christmas.  But I do want to do some of these; I can testify (after spending hours trying to do a high skill-level SPAD biplane kit) that these really call for some skill, even for an experienced 'wargaming' builder.  So for the challenge.
  • Finish my Chaos Renegades.  I remember buying these and being really excited, and I'm glad I managed to actually finish the platoon's worth I bought - but it seems to have stopped there, so I'm keen to expand it a bit and have another 2,000pt army as well as my Palladians.
Looking back, the two biggest goals are just finishing what I've started.  I think it's just going to take some self-control for me to not buy anything new and plough on with what I've already got.  But we shall see.  This post is as much for me as for other people, I hope to come back to it every few weeks and check my progress against these fairly limited objectives.  Incidentally, I'm loving everyone else's lists they're putting together, really helps give me a sense of scale for my own.

Happy New Year, and until next time...

The Colonel


  1. Oh yes, finish those naughty renegades.

    Also; one of the people I went to Duxford with gave me 1:72 Bucaneer. Hummm; concours build ? Historical accuracy ? I don't know if I'm up to it.

  2. Nice list. Godspeed Colonel. ;)

  3. A superb list sir, I need to invest in some better carrying cases so we can meet in the middle with games.

    The Renegades definitely need finishing, my heart belongs to Chaos and has since the earliest days lol. With these new plastic Cultists (that Bitz Box also do individually), the time is right for these.

    I also have a couple of Airfix kits that I've inherited and have been very tempted lately, but I'm also finishing what I've started first. Here's to 2013 ;)

  4. Are you based in London? If so, there's a couple of places we could try and meet up and get a game in.

  5. Yes, do finish those renegades. They are a re cool project with an ace scheme.

    Thankyou for proving some damned fine reading material and lovely images of your work to boot.

    Do keep up the good work!

  6. I vote renegade as well, buy yourself a leather jacket and ignore the rules... I'm being told you meant renegade Imperial Guardsmen. My apologies, I thought you were about to go all James Dean. Well finish the renegades anyway, but if you do find an awesome leather jacket maybe go with it, could be fun.

    1. I second this leather jacket idea. though I prefer a mad max look myself. :)

  7. Happy new year, man! Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2013. Next time I cross the pond, hopefully we can get a game in!

  8. Thanks everyone!

    @Zzzzzz: Do it! Those 1:72 ones can be very fiddly though ... gosh, not been to Duxford in years, must get back there and have my photo taken being 'run over' by one of the tanks in the Land Warfare Hall again.

    @Col Ackland: Thanks, and to you as well :)

    @Kieran: Gifts for Geeks are good, they do the decent ones with a small discount. Don't exclude the high-quality cardboard boxes either - they come with foam, are easy to stick in the boot of a car, and are cheap as chips.

    @Responsible One: Intermittently yes, I usually work a week or so every month down here. Drop me an email, we can sort a game out!

    @Dai: Very kind words there. I try and keep the piccys up to date where I can...

    @Chris/Dai: Haha as I read that I was wearing my leather jacket and laughed out loud in the street.

    @Mordian7th: Happy New Year to you as well mate! That sounds really good, did you say you were at Adepticon this year?

  9. Hey, Scipio:

    Here's to that warm fuzzy feeling we all get from your - and doubtless sometimes our own - narcissism, eh?

    I reckon this could be a good year.

    Oh, and if you're ever in the deep south west...

    1. Cheers Drax, very kind of you! It's gonna be a good'n I think as well...


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