First Rank ... FIRE!!!

Morning everybody!

First, news!  I'm planning a fairly earth-shattering career move in the next six or twelve months, as a result of which my posting rate has slipped slightly.

Apparently if you want to swap jobs, and your current employer finds out about it, they do their level best to squeeze every last man-hour out of you before you go, like drinking an entire half-pint of milk, even though you don't want it, just because it's going out of date tomorrow.

More importantly - and calamitously - than this, I've also been neglecting my usual blog reading time so I can see I've missed a few posts from people.  I'll have to get on and have a catch up.  Anyway, hate to start with a 'real life' ramble.  But this post is just proving that even with all that, I've still been managing  to paint every now and then!

That's where this chap comes in.  First Lieutenant Flirus, one of my reserve officers for 122/7 Company (read here about my reserve officer and 'dead-is-dead' system).  This chap is ready to take command of any of my companies, if the incumbents get killed in battle.

The original Hero miniature (from
CMON, painted by Atoom)
I bought a set of Schaffer's Last Chancers a long time ago to use as bitz for my Veterans Squad, but I never got round to using Hero.  I guess I never really went for the whole lasgun-from-the-hip vibe.  The main changes were simply removing the weapons, then sculpting new hands on.  The right hand was just taken from a Cadian sprue, the left was sculpted with Green Stuff to look like it was tucked into a pocket.

Fluff-wise, I haven't really decided on how this guy will shape up, but after thinking about it for a bit I decided this chap looked like an ideal snooty, upper-class Palladian officer.  Also, he'll be the most senior subaltern when he starts (all the others being new Second Lieutenants, or even newer Third Lieutenants without Commission).  I imagine this chap as not needing to carry any weapons, he has 40 Palladian Guardsmen as his weapons!  Painting-wise, he got the standard Palladian paintjob with a few embellishments.  Some of the trim is yellow, but the main trim and facings of the uniform are red indicating that Flirus is an Artillery Corps officer.  Sometimes, when casualties are high, officers who have trained at the academy as Artillery, Cavalry, Armoured etc, are 'volun-told' into the Infantry to make up the numbers.  Wounding to the pride of a man like Flirus, no doubt!

Anyway.  A bit of proof that I do make progress when there's a lot on.  Hope you enjoy!  Stand by for a battle report in the next few days... thanks for reading!

The Colonel


  1. Volun-told.


    And Flirus looks good, too.

  2. Wow I love it when you see great conversions like this from the old miniature range. Really characterful looking model, great stuff as usual!

  3. Good luck fending off the old boss. Hope the new boss and job are kinder.

    Flirus looks very hands off, perfect for your initial fluff synopsis for him. A very simple and effective conversion.

  4. Beautiful work, man!

    Glad to hear you're making a change to something better, job wise!

  5. @Zzzzz: Ah, it's a wonderful euphemism for what is basically slavery. Thanks :)

    @Buffer: Cheers, very kind of you to say so. I do like to bring some of these 'classic' models out of retirement once in a while!

    @Dai: Thanks - hopefully should be a bit more rewarding, and better-paying. I like to keep conversions simple where I can.

    @Mordian7th: Ta muchly, it was a really fun conversion to do and it felt good when I got the hands just right!


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