Converted Tank Destroyer

Afternoon everyone, and welcome back to Palladian Guard.  Well, as (long since) promised, I finally got my act together and finished my Tank Destroyer that I started a while back.  Click the link to see a bit about the construction and background.  After building and painting I've decided to redesignate it a 'Tank Destroyer' rather than a Laser Destroyer, since the breech and lack of any big cables or anything make it clear it's a shell-firing gun.


You can see the high profile of the gun well here. It's designed for range
and accuracy rather than being a low-set, close combat SPG.
So I finally sat down and decided to crack this in one day.  Being part of my Palladian Guard army, this vehicle got the standard green/brown camo scheme, but I also took the opprtunity to do some weathering after my recent experiments on historical minis (incidentally, also started using weathering powders on infantry models as well as vehicles with some quite good results).

A bit of the tracks and the rear platform.
  • Sprayed a Dark Green (Any will do, I used some basic craft spraypaint that was close to Dark Angels Green).
  • Heavy drybrush with Catachan Green (Important to make sure that the final strokes of the brush are all in one uniform direction, as this texture can show through.
  • Stripes and patterns painted on in Bestial Brown
  • Then carefully drybrushed over with Steel Legion Drab, taking care not to go into the green areas too much.  If you do, just go back and correct it later with Catachan Green again.
  • Tracks painted with Bestial Brown
  • Highlighted with Boltgun Metal
  • Rust weathering powder added
  • Very light Drybrush with Knarlock Green and then Codex Grey to highlight.
  • Some details added like glass vision blocks in the cupola, cables etc
  • To weather, lots of Rust applied over the lower areas of the tank
  • Vents and the area near the muzzle worn with some Black powder
  • Then Stirland Mud (GW texture paint) added over the tracks
Some of the track work. As I say I think the mud
obscures the effort I went to on the weathering but
it looks okay.
I was pretty happy with the way the painting came out, especially the tracks which I sometimes have trouble with - but then the mud obscured it a bit too much I think.  I won't change it now, but probably a bit less mud next time.  I also have to add a few tiny bits of detail like glimmers on the cupola vision blocks and a few more wires and cables, as well as decals, but I'll save that for another day as I've got a lot on modelling-wise at the moment.

Anyway, thanks for reading and also thanks for waiting so long, this has been well over a month in the making.  But it's done now.  Back over to infantry models now, and I have two 'exchange squads' on the go so there'll be a sneak peek of those next time.  Until then, happy gaming!

The Colonel


  1. Turned out great! Nice job Colonel.


  2. I really dig how that turned out - the build was great and the paintjob really looks fantastic! Good stuff, mate!

  3. I love the look of that: very simple; very Guard.

  4. Definately like this one. Old school, yet 40K. And I think the tracks look fine as is. Mud is a perfect amount.

    1. Thanks for the comments and feedback everyone! Hopefully me and Headologist will get a game in before too long and I can tell you how it performs in battle!

  5. outstandingly cool. I've been so inspired by your ridiculous attention to fluff and neat things like this that i started a fandex for my army.... so thanks Col. keep up the awesome work

  6. A very fine piece of kit, my good Colonel. It looks both 40k and authentic, words not always appearing in the same sentence. Your study of historical weapons and vehicles as described in the previous post obviously paid off. I also like the work you did with the pigments to create the mud, it encourages me to try something similar. It looks like it could take out an Ork Battlewagon or a Chaos tank easily enough, but it also looks horribly fragile. Not as you say a front line weapon. I eagerly await hearing how it does in battle.

  7. Looking great mate! Great conversion :)

    1. @Impcommander: Cheers! I'm watching the blog closely - I tried to make a comment or two but they don't seem to be appearing, might be getting cought by the spam filter? Looks good anyway!

      @Mad Padre: Very good of you to say so Mike. Especially the 'realistic/40K' phrase. Headologist touched on it in the WiP post, that although it itsn't a very well-rounded tank rules-wise, it fits into our games because be play with a very realistic, real-world slant. It's nice to hear that it's shown through in the model as well. I'll keep you posted!

      @Trev: Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the comment!


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