Iron Hearts Honour Guardsmen

Hi everyone!  Welcome back to Palladian Guard.  Today sees the completion of a very long-running project to convert some 'Iron Hearts' - heavily-armoured Honour Guard troops for senior Palladian officers.

The Iron Hearts idea came from Colonel Gravis, and was a conversion based on several specifically ordered bits:
You can see the WiP (from two months ago!) here.  And see the completed models below ...

I've gone for the heavy shield-equipped troopers, perhaps subconsciously inspired by my Zone Mortalis boarding team.  There were originally nine men in the squad (to correspond with the nine battalions of the Praetorian Regiment), but I ended up dropping two because of painting/building last minute changes, and I didn't want to end up pulling the models apart and regluing them, so they were quietly dropped.

Not sure what exactly they'll be on the battlefield - they're meant as the Regimental Principal's (Commanding Officer's) bodyguard; hand-picked men, nominated by their peers and confirmed by their officers who are the best NCOs in the regiment.  As well as fearsome fighters, each one is a lynchpin in regimental life.  For example, the chap with the sword and hat, without shield, is the Regimental Sergeant-at-Arms (or Armsman), (a Commonwealth RSM), and the others have day roles of pay sergeant-at-arms, mess sergeant-at-arms, training sergeant-at-arms, and so on.  I might use them for the old Imperial Guard High Command Squad, the one in WD307.

In terms of modelling, the only thing left to do is perhaps use transfers to put some detail on the shields, and maybe add a tad more highlighting.  These were quite a nightmare to paint actually, mainly due to the white which needed a good three coats before it even started looking smooth and clean.  That's partly why it's taken me nearly two months to finish them - but now they're done I'm very pleased with them.  Still in a bit of a dilemma over how to store them though, since they won't fit in my carry case ...

Anyway, that's it for today!  Next update ... well, let's just say the commander's bodyguard means I'm going to have to scratch build an amazing commander model, doesn't it?

The Colonel


  1. Cracking, really good idea and nicely executed. Its good to see Guard converted outside the box and the tight rules of the codex. I think they would look nice with Aquilas at the top of the shields, but thats just a personal thought. I can just imagine a Commander with them, holding his plume helmet tucked under his arm, with some sort of ornate power sword. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Those are brilliant! I really, really dig 'em. I like the idea of the High Command squad, forgot all about it.

    As far as shield detail, perhaps an aquila on the top half above the shield boss?

    Keep up the great work, man!

  3. Really nice!
    Cool conversion, makes a quite unique command squad, and great paint job.
    Very well done.

  4. They look very ceremonial rather than the typically practical feel of your other troops. I think being members of an High Command Squad would suit them better than anything else.

  5. @Buffer: Thanks a lot mate. Yeah that's exactly what I was going for - forget all this WYSIWYG stuff, converting codex options, and just let your imagination run wild! As for the commander, not to give too much away but I was STRONGLY tempted by the DKoK commander but decided to convert something myself.

    @Mordian7th: Cheers - yeah I have my stack of WDs next to the toilet in my house and happened to pick that issue up and reminded me of them.

    @Klaus: I wanted exactly that, something that people would see and just go 'never seen anything like that'! Thanks.

    @Dai: Yeah I thought I don't have enough ceremonial troops. I'll put something together on the rules and post that soon.

    Oh, and thanks all for the suggestions, I'll be putting an Aquilla transfer on the shields soon as well!

    1. With a short time comment: Looks great Colonel !

      Greetings in busy
      So long

    2. You know, some sort of raised aquila design would probably look more effective, assuming it's something you're able to do?

    3. Hmmm - probably a bit beyond my current sculpting ability. But maybe I could use those plastic ones you get in the Leman Russ set? I think you're right, that might look better.

  6. I'm imagining the mess-sergeant-at-arms scouring pans with his helmet crest. lol They all look great.

    1. Haha and the SAA buffing his shoes with it! Although because of the colour the only thing they'd probably be useful for is cleaning the spears of blood.

  7. Wow. What a great idea. And no - I'm not surprised!

    ...oh, and if I couldn't sculpt aquilas (and I can't) I'd maybe try with plasticard/cardstock instead - very clean and simple to work with - hell, even I've managed it!

    1. Yes - maybe just a triangle of plasticard and painted on details? Watch this space...


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