Army Update - 1/7th Pioneer Company

Captain Lucius Nero at the head of his company
Hi everybody!  A summary post today, after my WW2 month, detailing the progress on my Imperial Guard army.  Read the page for the full story so far ...

Anyway, the development of this army had been a long time coming.  It usually squares off against Headologist's superbly converted Spears of Mawdryn Space Marines.  The original target was a company, so 2,000 pts worth with two platoons of three squads.  With the heavy artillery and tanks, this would now more comfortably fit into a 2,500 pt-er.

However, it's always been my dream to own a full Guard battalion, and I'm hoping to at least get close to this before GW stop doing Mordians.  Given that a battalion is six companies, or 24 basic squads at least, this is probably not going to happen.  What's more likely is that I'll end up with some kind of battlegroup, maybe 4-5,000 pts strong.  That's sort of what's happened so far - the 2nd Battalion (to which 1/7 Coy belong) is a ceremonial unit requisitioned by an Inquisitor, so it has a few tanks and artillery bolted on ad-hoc to make it into a combat formation.  So I may add regular non-dress Palladians (ie, basically Cadians) to bulk out the ranks.  That's the plan, anyway.

Well, let's see how far we've got.  Below is pretty much my entire collection.  I say pretty much because the unbased assault weapon troops - six of them - aren't on there.  The 2 platoons/2 squads setup you see here has been my standard so far.  But when I give each squad an assault weapon, the six lasgunners thus freed up (plus a few sergeants and heavy bolters) form the bulk of my 'third squads' for each platoon.  The long and the short of it is that I'm only one squad away from my first goal of a six-squad company.  This all follows on from my last update in March.

1/7th Pioneer Company, plus attachments

Since the last update, the infantry squads have been finished off.
Now both platoons have two squads - and I'm edging towards three.

Some of the new additions - Psykers, and Ratlings near the back.

  1. 99 Psyonic Detachment c. A.
    Primaris Psyker and Sanctioned Psykers
  2. 1/7 Company HQ (Forward)
    Captain Nero's Company Command Squad
  3. 1/7 Coy Reconnaissance Squad
    Hardened Veterans
  4. Third Lieutenant Creticus 
    Infantry Platoon Command Squad
  5. Second Lieutenant Creticus
    Infantry Platoon Command Squad
    (Killed in Action - 291/012.M42, replaced by First Lieutenant Marcus Rhyn c. A.Exchange Officer)
  6. Artillery Platoon Command Squad (post to follow ... )
  7. Auxiliary Sharpshooters' Squad
    Ratling Snipers
  8. Second Platoon, First Squad
  9. Second Platoon, Second Squad
  10. First Platoon, First Squad
  11. First Platoon, First Squad
  12. 2872 (Air Defence) Battery
    Hydra Flak Tank
  13. 2871 (Armoured) Battery
    Demolisher (Valiant)
  14. Vanquisher (St Elutor)
  15. Demolisher (Pioneering Light)
  16. HQ (Forward) - Command Salamander
    Nero's Salamander
  17. 1 (Mortar) Battery 
    Heavy Mortar
  18. 943 (Ordnance) Battery
    Earthshaker guns
  19. 1/7 Coy Lascannon Battery ... incidentally, that was my first ever post!
Anyway, hope you enjoyed that!  Also hope there will be some battles to report on in the near future, I had a pint with Headologist yesterday and we decided to keep pressing on with our 40K armies despite recent distractions with WW2 stuff.  Until next time, happy gaming.

The Colonel


  1. Outstanding work! I absolutely love how those have turned out, and the army shots look brilliant!

  2. Nice one Col.

    I love the FW Artillery pieces, and the built up bases aruond the heavy weapons.

    The Mordians are good minis - its a bit of a shame that GW seems to have gone away from its older regiments - tthe valhallans were another range I was fond of.

  3. Sir, those look so good all arrayed like that! I really need to get on with some bulk Guard painting - so much to do.....

  4. Thanks guys!

    @Mordian7th: Cheers, I love to get out the whole army and see what it looks like all lined up - it's the main impetus for painting hordes of Guardsmen!

    @Rouge Pom: I'm intending to come up with some artillery dioramas like in the Imperial Armour Masterclass book, a bit like the heavy weapons teams. I'm similarly gutted about the abandonment of possibly the nicest GW minis out there. While Cadians probably make them more money, I'd bet there's more of cult following for Moridans and Praetorians.

    Dai: Thanks - you need motivation! If I could have somehow seen this photo before I started my painting, it would have sped it up no end. It's nice to know you're working for a goal.

    1. Yeah, I made a list of my "company". 3 x platoons, squads and planned out support units, about 3700 points worth. Lots to do and I doubt it'd be all that effective in battle (Note - light on tanks), but it looks pretty sweet set up like yer own lot in formation. :)

  5. It's an army to be really proud of. I love the names / numbers of the units and the fact that everything has a story to it. The colour scheme and paint job is beautiful. All in all its one of my favourite armies.
    Also they are some really nice photos! Are you using a really good camera?

    1. Thanks a lot, Col! Yeah, the story and the fluff really drive the army, rather than the painting - although I do try to get a nice-looking paintjob too! I'm looking to get them a bit more combat experience now. I did get a camera specifically for blog photos, but it's not a particularly expensive one. It cost about £100 and just has a good macro mode, that's all. Basically a standard 'holiday' digital camera.

  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that 3rd Lieutenant Galbrio in the #4 position rather then "Third Lieutenant Creticus" ?

    I'd hate for the 1/7th Pioneer Company to go into battle with only one Lieutenant because of a book keeping error. Or maybe that was going to be the fluff for your next battle....

    1. You're dead right! Thanks for that, didn't even notice - I might work it into the fluff somehow ... maybe a 500 credit fine and three extra Duty Officer days for 'Company Parade, Incorrect Formation Employed' or something!


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