100th Post! Meet Colonel Scipio - Part II

Greetings once again!  Thanks for popping back to Palladian Guard for a very special, 100th-post-edition!  But before we get on to all that, let's take a look at the end result of my recent project to make a model to represent me, Colonel Scipio, on the battlefield!  Brave, I know - what if he dies?  Do I have to give up wargaming because of my fluff obsession, and kill him off?  We'll see.

For those of you who missed that last post, the project is a converted Warlord Games Roman miniature, who'll go with my Regimental bodyguard - the Iron Hearts Honour Guard.  A fairly straightforward idea, but one which necessitated a lot of chopping and changing to get the scales to fit.  But as you can (hopefully) see, it doesn't seem to look too bad and fits well with most of the 28-30mm GW stuff.

And now for pictures!  As Col Shofer would say, clicky for biggy ...

Regimental Principal of the First (Praetorian) Regiment, complete with Honour Guard!
Detail of the armour and aguilettes.

Nice doggy... inspiration courtesy of Admiral Drax.
The shield design - I've been experimenting
recently with some freehand painting.
Playing about with photo software ...
Anyway, hope you enjoyed that!  Very happy with the painting and modelling on this chap, and now just need to find a slot for him on the battlefield!  On that note, I'm throwing open the door to suggestions as to what I can do next for this army.  Not too keen on more tanks, as I don't want to go too über.  I have some Sentinels in the works (pics to follow in a few posts' time...) but what can I do to expand the army, now that it's pretty much finished?  Thoughts?

100 Posts

Oh, and as a postscript I thought I'd add a self-congratulatory pat on the back for my 100th post.  I don't want to go all sentimental on you guys but this blog has been a real pleasure to work on, mainly thanks to your own blogging and the feedback you put on here.  Never thought anyone would even read it, seeing the quality of some of the work out there, much less it last longer than a month.  Also surprised that I've managed to keep up a fairly good pace of postage (one every 3-4 days).

Thanks go out to everyone who reads and comments on this blog, but extra thanks to those first few readers like Drax, Col Ackland (a special thankyou for my mention on his Top 10), Dai, Mordian7th, the Mad Padre, Chris at SOPW, BufferVladddMalkavschilde - of course my old friend Headologist - nowhere near enough room to list all of you, sorry, but I love you all - who keep coming back for more of my waffling.  But thanks to everybody.  Here's to a hundred more.

The Colonel


  1. Great looking mini, really has the whole grim commander of the 41st millennium vibe. Congrats on your 100th post, and I love you too buddy.

  2. I wasn't expecting to see him finished so soon! I cant help but chuckle and grin at him- he really did turn out superbly. I love the armour and nice work on the shield too. The big question is what are you going to do with him on the battlefield? What rules will suit him and his awesome bodyguards?
    (ohh just to go on a tangent if I can - "Mrs Ackland" is in the room next door watching the bodyguard of all things and just as I typed 'bodyguard' the theme song came on - as if on cue- I'm not kidding)
    Anyway! soo, umm, yeah what rules? Here is an idea. With allies now standard would you consider making the Praetorians sisters of battle? You could make your Col a Ecclesiarchy Confessor - which is a really just a geared up guard stat line, and the Praetorians as a 'battle conclave' to accompany him as Crusaders. They have the basic a guard stat line but with WS4 and LD8 armed with a power weapon and storm shield- seems fitting. Then your Col. has a 4+ invulnerable save and he and his squad can re roll failed hits when assaulting, plus some cool kit to chose from. Sure it means he can't issue guard orders but if you use him surly there will be other officers to worry about the 'tactical' moment to moment nature of the battle while the col. worries about the bigger picture.
    If it was me I'd even consider using the Col. as Arch-Confesso Kyrinov and add some more cool rules like 'all friendly units in 6" are Fearless'.
    Just an idea, feel free to take it or leave it. I do sometimes overcomplicate things. ;)
    oh and cheers for my special thank you, you're totally welcome!

  3. Excellent! Really dig how he turned out, I think your fears of scaling differences were put to rest - it looks fantastic. The freehanding on the shield is top notch as well.

    I would love to get a game in against your guard at some point - We're going to be making another trip across the pond next May for the Tempus Fugitives Age of the Emperor event, perhaps we can sort out a locale before or after the campaign weekend to meet up and have a battle!

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Wow! He turned out great! Love that you didn't contrast the dog's fur too much from the ground colour - far more realistic. Your freehand is really cool too - do I smell a Roman Legionnaires project in the future, hmm? ;)

    Congrats on 100 posts too! You've been a great and supportive part of the community and an inspiration for those looking on both by your attention to detail and enthusiasm for the hobby as a whole.

    I think your commander needs advisors, standard bearer and personal Vox Caster. just for fun.

  5. Excellent work! Keep up with the posting!

  6. Thankyou one and all for your responses!

    @Chris: Thanks! Can't wait to get him on the field, and give him an equally grim reputation to go with that demeanour!

    @Col Ackland: Yeah, the painting was actually pretty simple; I had most of it done in a one-hour session. The details and freehand probably took another hour in total. I don't like to spend too much longer on my commander models - obviously they're better, but I use the same techniques to make them 'feel' like part of the army. As for his battlefield presence, my only thoughts up to now were as a High Command Squad, or possibly as a Creed model to represent his tactical prowess. I hadn't thought about the allies thing, but those Sisters of Battle rules sound good. TBH, loosing the whole orders thing isn't a great loss. I imagine that most of the majors and captains would say 'yes sir!' loudly when he gives a dramatic, cinematic order, then just quietly issue the proper order to the men. He'd probably be more interested in getting his feet wet and into close combat - perfect for the units you describe. And also they wouldn't have too good a stat line - I don't want to have some unrealistic super unit. Thanks for the tip! And thanks to Mrs Ackland for the theme music :)

    @Mordian7th: Thanks - high praise to hear you say the scaling wasn't too much of a problem :) I've been getting into freehand recently, just taking the plunge and giving it a go and it seems to be working! The shield was always intended to be the focal point of the model and your eyes keep being drawn to it, so I like that it came out okay. That sounds fantastic for a game as well, I think that event is in Mansfield? If so, two weeks a month are spent about twenty minutes away from it. I'd love to get together for a game so just drop me an e-mail or a message on here, and we'll get together. It'd be an honour.

    @Dai: Cheers mate! And yes, those shields come in packs of 20 so there may well be a Legionaires-themed project in the pipeline ... thanks for your encouraging words - I'm aware I'm still a comparative newcomer to all this, but you've all been very supportive and I think, like everybody, I've got more out of it than I put in - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and all that! Thanks for the ideas as well, stay tuned ;)

    @Malkavschilde: No problem, glad you enjoyed it - there will be many more posts to follow, hopefully!

  7. Congrats on post 100 and well done on this lovely HQ. A perfect Warlord for 6th. :)

    Thanks for having produced such a great blog for us.

    1. Cheers Drake! Yeah, forgot all about Warlord... Fear ye not, much more blogging to come yet :) thanks!

  8. Truly beautiful conversions mate. Beautiful.

  9. Loving the Roman theme.

  10. Loving the Roman theme.


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