Platoon Commander: 2Lt Creticus

Morning all!  Back to normal today as I continue with my series of officer background and painting articles.  In case you missed the first two, 2 Platoon's Lt Galbrio is here, and the Company Commander Capt Nero's here.

Anyway, bring on the photos!


Painting for the command squad follows the normal scheme with Honour Guard caps.  The added commissar has the usual black-and-red cloak, although he also has white breeches and dress gloves.  The bugler (second from right) is fitted with a Perry Miniatures bugle from a Plastic ACW set I had lying around, complete with a Green Stuff arm.  Lt Creticus himself is the only significant conversion; I used the GW Master of the Fleet advisor (unfortunately not available off the discount sites, but check eBay if you decide to get one), and added the cap from the normal Mordian Lieutenant.

I love this model, despite the fact it's such a simple conversion it has to be one of my favourite in the army.  The gloves look brilliant and the moustache is something I'm especially proud of.


As with Lt Galbrio's command squad, there are almost no upgrades here as they tend to bear the brunt of the fighting and get themselves killed quickly.  Any points spent on upgrades tend to get wasted as they're cut down in waves of bolter fire, so it's restricted to the bugle (comm-link) and a couple of power weapons.  

I always try to keep the commanders close to an infantry squad as a sort of human shield.  In close combat and shooting, it's always good to have extra men around.  When I get my third infantry squad for the platoons, I'm basically paying 60pts for my commander to have 10 more wounds.

As you can hopefully tell by the pose, Creticus is a bit of a snobby, detached officer so he has the Armchair General House Rule.

2Lt Creticus' Service Record

My favourite bit!  Lt Creticus has followed a more usual path to command than the other two officers in the company.  Capt Nero is a breveted NCO, and Galbrio is an Aspirant, but Cretiucs followed the usual path of having a letter of commendation written by his father (also an officer in the regiment) which guarantees his place.  He's an excellent tactician and graduated from the Palladian Military Officer's Academy with the Penitent's Sword for distinction in written examinations, finishing 2nd in a class of 46 (same placing as Robert E Lee in the class of 1829 at West Point!)

Despite his Armchair General trait, he's demonstrated himself as being capable in combat.  When he was escorting the Battalion Executive Officer in the Battle of Port Dryker, he personally led the bodyguard to defeat the ambushers and save the XO's life, hence his Mention in Dispatches and Aquilla Mundanis (Eagle Ordinary) medal.

Anyway, that's all the subalterns and the commander done in this mini-series, but fear not!  I've just purchased some classic Guard tank commanders who will be made up into officers to command the latest expansion of 1/7 Company.  Thanks again for tuning in and hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Hah! Love the re-tooled naval mini as the lieutenant, the mustache is awesome. The whole command squad turned out fantastic - Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks! I really wanted to use the model in my army although I don't have a master of the fleet. Loads of guard models look good as officers if they're painted in the normal scheme; I just can't stand the identically-posed Cadian commanders!


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