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Looking back through my old posts, I realised that I've left a project half-done.  My old Trial Officer Rules were never properly finished off, so I'm doing a summary post.  I know I promised Col. Ackland back in January that I'd put the rest up and also he gave me some splendid ideas for new officers, so apologies to him for this taking so long.
Colonel Horatio Grimm, 76th Catachan - 'The Old Man'

The basic idea is:
  • Officers can be upgraded to a Special Officer Type
  • This turns them into a stereotype, good or bad - maybe they're a heroic leader, a cowardly armchair general, even a fraud or black marketeer!
  • They get upgraded stats and special rules
The full rules are available for download here!  

Please be aware they are by no means play tested, and the points costs are arbitrary until I can test them further.  Although there's no explicit reference, the intent is that only one or two models in an army should be upgraded.  Feel free to use them and post any feedback in the comments, I will do my best to incorporate any changes and reissue.  Share with friends/gamers, because the more play testing we do, the more balanced we can make them.  Above all, enjoy!
Preview of the rules doc

Old Posts (all in the document anyway):
Coming Soon (thanks Colonel!):
  • The Flying Ace (Valkyrie upgrade)
  • The Mad Major
  • The Battleaxe
  • The Bionic Brigader (eyepatch, wheelchair, etc)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I actually started work on him today, but struggled a bit. Being vehicle mounted sort of defeats the point of him being an officer - i.e., he just becomes another 'special character' like Knight Commander Pask in a vehicle, whereas I want to try and capture his skills and background in the way he leads his troops. Might make the ace just a special character.

  2. Arr Colonel Scipio you champion! I had just gone back to the original posts of these to see if I could use them in my upcoming campaign... and then BAM! I saw this post. That's an awesome PDF!
    I'm a very happy Colonel right now! :D

    1. Glad you like 'em! I'd love to know what experience you have of them. Our current campaign is pretty vanilla so no house rules means no playtesting unfortunately! Enjoy :D


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