Cough Up: 6th Edition is Nearly Here

Hi all, thanks again for stopping by.  Hope you're all enjoying the new-look blog, it should be a bit easier on the eyes to read than the old white-on-black.  Apologies to my historical wargaming fans, but I have to do a bit of a 40K post today I'm afraid.

That's right!  Remortgage your house, smash open the piggy bank and dig out the highwayman's mask; we now officially know 40K 6th Edition is on its way!  Pre-orders are expected on 23rd June.

I won't talk too much about the specific rumours, mainly because I still play 4th Edition anyway.  Check out Faeit 212 for all the latest gossip on what to expect.  Also, anyone who wants to undercut new GW prices, I did a post a few days ago with some handy hints here.

I mainly wanted to point out this trailer from GW I saw this morning.  With economic trouble in the Eurozone, political strife at home and abroad and civil war brewing across the Arab world we get precious little to laugh about nowadays, but have a look at this to whet your appetite:

Does feel a bit like the work experience boy had to put this together.  On the other had it will be interesting to see what direction the rules move in, and how the fluff changes.


  1. Haha excellent stuff, I hear it's closer to 2nd, and I actually rather liked 2nd. I'm not too fussed about "broken rules" not being a tournament player, as long as it feels like it generally captures the spirit of the army - I'm all for asymmetric points values anyway (like real war :P). As for fluff, I am more concerned about this but have a wonderful option available to me: ignore it :) Indifference is the way forward folks, thank you GW for giving me the gift of not caring about your stuff at all :)

    1. There are some rumours of things like Overwatch being back in, which is good. Ignoring it sounds good, although I'd like to see what they have. Especially in terms of artwork.

    2. That perhaps sounded a bit more bitter than I intended lol, I am curious to see what they have, but previously I would have really been looking forward to it - now I'm just curious

  2. I'll be waiting for the ridiculously priced starter set, I just hope they'll except a promise of my future first born to be turned into a servitor.

    1. God plan - newborn children for starter sets, then they can be put to work animating spoilers for the next 40K release. I might look at getting a rulebook in time, just to see where they've gone with it.


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