War in Afghanistan

A group of Talib set up a Soviet-era 60mm mortar in a compound, and prepare
to loose off a few rounds at a nearby NATO base.
 As a follow up to my last pics of the Empress Miniatures Modern Combat range, there are some new shots of what I've managed to get done while at work this week.

Of the 40 models I have, I managed to do about 20 which is very productive for me.  These chaps are all fairly quick to paint although I do find it harder working with the lighter browns than with my more comfortable, darker, sci-fi settings.  Also, UK DPM camouflage is really hard to get right.  I might even dedicate a whole post to my efforts in this regard.

Incidentally, my attempts at making more scenic shots seem to have come off okay, they're both scratch built buildings (tutorial here).  I'll let the photos do the talking.

'The Arab', a skilled sharpshooter from abroad, takes aim
with a rare Dragunov snipers' rife.

Mortar crew again.

In hot pursuit, a UK multiple emerges cautiously from an alleyway.

By the time they arrive, the mortar and crew are nowhere to be seen.

The platoon commander (left) radios in.

All the while, the platoon sergeant (centre) keeps the search team
well covered from outside the compound.
As an aside, I've recently been inspired by Chris' alternate history setting on the fictional War in South America (look here).  This 19th century conflict has been going on for 40 years now (in the meantime assuming a Steampunk facade), and I'm thinking about bringing some of the Chilleans to life.  I'm going to use a Matilta Mk. 1 tank (from Warlord Games), complete with a towed boiler (in fact the fuel tank from a Churchill Crocodile), to make a primitive steam tank.

This tank...

... with a towed boiler, adding a few pipes, chimneys, flywheels etc...


  1. Your homemade Helmand seems to be coming along nicely, I like the way you've painted your Taliban fighters. I don't know much about modern British camouflage but your figures seem to look the part. I'm also glad to hear that my imaginary conflict is picking up some steam. Feel free to expand on the 'War in South America' develop uniforms, names or equipment; after all in real history there are many views and persons responsible for shaping and creating it as we know it. Keep it up.

    1. Many thanks for the feedback! Haha ... 'picking up steam', I like it. I'll keep you posted on the steam tanks!

  2. Splendid stuff all around, Colonel. Love the Helmand figures, very nice.

    1. Cheers Padre! I'm hoping to move onto some battles soon; I'l keep you all posted.

  3. Col, just wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for the kind words you left on my blog, got an email with the comment but for some reason they haven't appeared on the blog, weird! I'm going to write some more while my army slowly progresses and I really fancy the idea of a mainly troops light infantry army, unfortunately at my current rate it'll probably be 10 years before I have a decent number of troops so the odd tank might be necessary! Nice work with these guts btw but as a Brit in the military I hope whenever they play terry Taliban gets a damn good thrashing!

    1. Thanks Buffer, really like the look of your stuff already and you can never have too much background ... more such posts of my own to follow. And I'll keep you posted on any battle reports we have on this but have to say (also a military Brit) that I'm actually looking forward to trying out The Other Side and playing as Terry, although I'll subconsciously make sure they loose every time!

  4. Bugger, I was going to do Chileans if we did this... hmmm, perhaps some Bolivians :P

    1. I'm sure you can talk me round into a new faction - as you know, with me nothing's final until the national colours are painted on the hull ...

    2. Don't forget Peruvians for the Confederates or Argentinians for the Allies, I've even heard a rumor that some of the European powers are assembling volunteer regiments to support the sides they are backing.

  5. My other thought was Peruvians, but Chile is evidently the best country in South America :P


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