Infantry Regiments

Inspired by a sterling, copper-bottomed post from Admiral Drax, I thought I'd post up some more of my considerable fluff on the Palladian Guard.  Drax has done some really good Force Organisation charts, something which I've toyed with in the past, so it's inspired me to put my own versions up as well.

The big difference with mine is that it's much less relevant to gaming.  Looking at some of the other posts, these are some of the 'wedge-end' troops, ie. companies and platoons, and Force Organisation is a good way to plan your army, see how everything looks from the top down, and even experiment with new army formats.
Infantry Regiment

I confess that mine isn't nearly so practical, it focusses a lot more on the whole unit, and is more about how my Guard army fits into the wider picture of a full Imperial Guard regiment than about how the company is put together on the field.  All this work is taken out of my master fluff document: Codex Imperialis: Palladia (Appendix B: Regimental Orders of Battle).  The whole doc is about 60 pages and counting, having been added to bit-by-bit over the years.  

The map symbols are the NATO standard APP-6A, which you can get fonts for here, and simply cut together on Paint.  The leg work is unfortunately all my own with a pen and paper.  Anyone wanting further info on these please drop me a comment and I'd be happy to help.

The infantry regiment orbat is on the right there, but the main effort is onto the Engineer Company organisation.  A Palladian Battalion is not at all like a normal British Army Battalion, it contains ten companies and is more like the size of a regiment.  The first company in the battalion is an Engineer (or Pioneer) company.  The army below is my ideal standard; what I'd one day like to own in Mordians.  Obviously this is still a long way off ...

Total weapon and ammunition holdings for field units 

An Infantry Company (roughly equivalent to a 2000pt army, without
attachments like tanks and artillery)


  1. Two words: Love it!
    The 'weapon and ammunition holdings' table is gold. The details are fantastic. :)

    1. Thanks, the detail is what I love. Really adds depth to it, and although I did think about what's realistic and try to put 'proper' amounts in, as long as there's a bit of depth like this to your fluff it's all that matters. A bit like a film set: you don't recreate the real scene, just enough to give the impression of a real scene if you glance at it.

  2. This is great - what a real labour of love.

    I assume the company has a suitably grumpy storeman whose job is - of course - to 'store' the kit; not issue it...?

    1. Recruit: "Colour... excuse me colour, my boots are too big, can I get a different size?"
      Storeman: "Listen here, son, I only got these 'ere boots in two sizes: too big, and too small. Which would you rather 'ave?"


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