First Ratling Done!

Evening all!  Have been away for a week, slaving away so not much done this week except a few more bits of the Latvian Legion.  I thought I'd just post a brief update on the state of my first Ratling Sniper.

Ratling Snipers:  because size isn't everything
I often spend a bit of extra time on those 'special models' that are likely to get a bit of extra attention.  If the Ratlings end up taking out an enemy commander, the first thing my opponent would do is to come over and inspect the paint job of the culprit ... but also, these are the first ever Ratlings I've painted and so it was worth me spending a bit of extra time picking out all the tiny details.

As I said in the first post, these are beautiful models with loads of extra little details like bags of apples, odd knapsacks and things.  So it was a joy to paint this little guy, and I'm looking forward to painting another one.  I might try and remember to do a step-by-step next time; not so much on how to paint Ratlings, but more about the different techniques I use so that any of you painting gods out there can hopefully share a hint or two ...

Anyway, here he is!  Had a go at painting eyes but he doesn't really seem to have come out very well.  Anyone got any tips for painting stubble?  I tried using washes but it just looked like he'd been drinking Ogryn Flesh ink.

Anyway, a proper update will follow as soon as this busy spell at work tails off.  In the meantime, goodbye, good luck, and good gaming!


  1. That looks superb, really characteful, one of the reasons I keep getting tempted to do a rebel grot force...

    As for stubble, this is one time that my "very dry" brushing technique seems to work very well, it's just a case of building up the layers right - but this is me stating the obvious to an expert painter lol

  2. "sneaky git! find me a Commissar I want that rat thing shot!" -Lt. Ostro after discovering his engraved las pistol on the company cook.

  3. Thanks all, Headologist I'll give that a try and post the results (if it goes wrong its your fault). Malkavschilde, that's exactly what I was going for! A bit of extra fluff and depth, I can really imagine these characters as the James Garner 'scroungers' in a POW camp. Perfect!


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