Finished Gladiators

 As an aside, running concurrently with my main focus on the 40K Palladian Guard and the WWII Latvian Legion, I've been working on some Gladiators.  It's been nearly eight weeks since I last did an update on them, defraying just how much time the Guard/WWII have been soaking up.  Anyway, for those who missed the last update I've been taking part in some Warhammer Historical Gladiator battles. These sorts of games are great, as they only require one or two models.  Check out Headologist's blog for the posts on the Roses-tin arena.

Anyway, my main interest in these models was they were the first time I tried a white background for my models.  I've been working on this technique a lot recently, especially with the WWII models and it's come a long way, but I'm still quite happy with the way these guys have come out.  Especially the skin tones, which normally tend to go very wrong for me.  Anyway, I'll let you see the results below:

Well, that's one more project finished and done with.  Hopefully will get the games in soon, and a review/overview of the rules soon after.  In other news, the 2nd Battalion army is approaching completion so I'm looking to put up a bit more background material soon.  Bye for now!


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