2nd Battalion Update

Despite my ongoing work on the Latvian Legion for an upcoming WWII campaign, I've been working on my Palladian Guard army too.  In fact, once the infantry squads I've already purchased are painted, that's the vast majority of a 2,500 point force complete!  So, to keep everyone updated I've taken a few army shots of how the force looks at the moment, which I'll put up here.

 Left, this is the whole army as it stands:

  • Top left:  'Hauler' transport vehicle and lascannon emplacement
  • Top centre:  Earthshaker guns
  • Top right:  Heavy mortars
  • Centre left:  Artillery crew and Heavy Weapons Platoon Commander
  • Centre:  Tank squadron
  • Centre right:  Veteran Squad
  • Front:  Infantry platoons, each with one squad
  • Bottom:  Company command squad and objective markers/conversions

As you can tell, the majority of the army is guns and tanks at the moment.  This is because, having bought most of my army in one go, I've been tempted into painting the shiny things first, and reluctant to paint the ordinary infantrymen.  It is a bit of a slog, but I've got a regime whereby I paint one infantryman every day before I start on the WWII stuff, so that in a month or so I should have finished the majority of the squads.  One's on the table now, and should be finished late next week, as it happens.

It's good every so often to sit back and do a post like this, to take stock of what you've done so far.  Especially with rank after rank of Guardsmen, it can become a bit tedious sometimes so seeing them all lined up like this (even with only two squads finished) is a great reminder of why you're spending so much time and effort on them.  Anyway, just got to take them into battle now ... and watch the lovingly-crafted 6+ armour save Guardsmen get gut down in fives by bolter fire.  *Sigh*

2nd Platoon Command Squad

The Artillery Command in the foreground, with
1/7th Coy's guns and tanks behind.

1st Platoon, with 1st Squad present

L-R:  Commissar-Captain Arelius, Captain Nero, and
Chief-Sergeant Darius

An emplaced lascannon and crew, as well as the transport


  1. There's some great work there, matey - well done! Always grand to see the Big Guns too.

    D'you realise if you slap a removeable extra heavy bolter or heavy flamer on that transport vehicle it can double as a salamander (which has fantastic rules)?

    Oh, and all the best for painting those endelss ranks of infantry!

    - D.

  2. Hmm, so just get the mini shields around the top? I still have the original internal 'ledges' you slot the Chimera parts onto, so I could probably slot it in and out as suggested ... good tip! Thanks for that one!

  3. I went about mine in a typically arse-about-face way, but here it is: http://admiraldrax.blogspot.com/2009/06/126-griffon-back-conversion-complete.html

  4. Good shout, I'll order the relevant parts tomorrow morning I think, and do a post on the conversion.

  5. Looking Good Scipio! Those Earthshakers are great models too.

    1. They really are amazing models, even for the price. The psycological effect alone on a foe makes them worth it!

  6. strong work sir.

    the troops are looking good!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! This is how the army's designed to be seen, 'as one', and as ranks and ranks of troops rather than individual models so I'm pleased at how they've turned out

  7. I really like the color scheme for your infantry uniforms! Keep it up!

    1. Cheers Andy! Sorry only just seen this, but a new update will be on at the end of the month.


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