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My latest contribution to GW;
the unstoppable behemoth of capitalism
 At last!  After days, nay, weeks of wrangling and delays, my order is here!

After all the hype and subtle hints that something new was in the pipeline, I was a bit disappointed at how little I'd actually got.  Squad o' Ratlings, lascannon, and a mortar.  And some new 'Liquid Green Stuff'.

The Ratlings are traditionally my least-favourite Guard unit.  Being an avid historical wargamer, I like to have a historical or real-world theme running through my armies; a niche into which Ratlings do not fit.  I've been thinking, however, that my army could do with a bit of diversification and also the fluff has attracted me.  I like the idea of the sniper/chef/spiv approach they have, and can just imagine a Company Mess run like Milo's syndicate in Catch 22.  The fact that a recent Dawn of War game included a ravenous bunch of 15 scout snipers, decimating units that strayed too close and winning me the game, may also be a factor.

Anyway, to the models!  I really didn't like the old Ratlings for some reason.  Lovely models, but just not my cup of tea; very 1999.  The new ones, designed by Dave Thomas, look really nice and feature some nice extras like a bag of apples on the base of one of them.  At £12.30, they're not the cheapest squad on the market (particularly since you'd have thought they only needed half the metal) but I fell in love with these guys.

Initial basing attempts.  I'll add the sand
as well, then seal with PVA.
In other news, the heavy weapons teams are, I'm afraid, rather boring.  The lascannon is my last in the Heavy Weapons platoon and the mortar crew are used as crew for the Earthshaker cannons.

And as for the liquid green stuff .. looks okay, but not had a proper chance to look.  It's perfect for sealing the cracks, having the texture of melted chocolate that can be plastered into nooks and crannies.  I'll try and do a proper review of it when I've got some modelling to do.


  1. Ratlings are fun, and OMG they still make Mordians!

    1. I know, I bought up about £200 worth of Mordians last year, terrified that as soon as GW discovered they were still in production it they would withdraw them ... but yes all HWs, sergeants and full squads are still available (fingers crossed ... ) The ratling fun-factor is something I missed out, but also a huge driver for buying more!

  2. Great stuff, love the Catch-22 inspiration - looking forward to seeing them on the table. I'm still tempted to put together a Squat kill-team, but as you know I've got far too much to do so that needs to go on the back-burner for now. Let me know how you get on with the liquid green stuff, as you said it looks spot on for filling small gaps - I saw some good articles on using for scratch modelling on From the Warp, can't remember the exact projects but the verdict was good

    1. I hadn't actually seen the new minis (didn't know there were any) and those ones are certainly more passable as squats... although there are other lines out there that fit the description of the Demiurge (GWs newish "Not-Squats") a little mor closely.

      Surely you can't help but love these little fellas :P


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