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Well, holiday's begun, and so far I'm coping with the lack of paints remarkably well.  Today I'm going to put up a few of the pictures I've been looking at for inspiration, particularly with regards the uniforms and background.  As I've already put up, the 'Mordians' are 2nd Battalion troops in dress uniform, whereas the 9th Battalion 'Cadians' are representative of the standard field troops.

The uniform on the right represents, in cut, what the Mordians would look like without any kit on (this is a Prussian 19th Century tunic).  I really like the double breasted cut, and obvious colour modifications this might serve as an illustration for the 'stand-down' uniform.

I really like using real-world photos to illustrate things where possible, as it adds a level of realism you can't otherwise get with just artwork.

And I can't draw.

I plan to have a full-colour gallery of uniforms as an appendix to my fluff document, in the same sort of way that Osprey do.  As an aside, Opsrey books are a great starting point for fluff and you can copy the headings and get a good feel for the structure of what a fluff document should include.  For my part, a lot of the organisation and doctrine is taken from German WW1, and the Army Handbook has been an invaluable resource for this.

A few days ago I put up some officer's insignia plates, and I've finally got round to doing some NCOs as well.  These are okay, but I might re-do them at some point, as they resemble very closely the WW2 German insignia they are derived from.  It's good to be inspired, but I don't want to end up just doing an army that is a total copy off a real-world army, so much so that you can't tell the difference.

The first three are 'on-table' ranks, so senior Guardsmen to Sergeant/Veteran Sergeant, whereas the last three are sergeant-major ranks and so are more like orderlies than fighting soldiers.  They are sewn on as separate patches, hence the (deliberate) higgledy-piggledy appearance.  As I say they may change in future, but I now have a working approximation to go off.  And something to paint on my models.

So, that's my current project.  Soon we are having a big games night, so expect pics and battle reports by the end of the week!


  1. This is a cool blog. I like what your doing with your Guard. I gonna follow this from here on :)

  2. Excellent work as ever sir, looking forward to a bit of Kill Team and finally getting my Marines painted up

  3. Thanks for the comments, and welcome, Col Ackland!


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