The Father's Son

Thanks go out to Col. Ackland and his comments on the trial officer rules, I am now teeming with ideas for these little officer stereotype rules.  As I think of them I'll post them up, and there are certainly lots to be going on with.

One of my favourite ideas (see comments on yesterday's post) was a 'Flyboy', an Aces High, Baron von Richthofen type chap.  That set me off thinking about an Imperial Guard air army ... but that's for another day.  I toyed with the idea of making the Flyboy an upgrade, but in the end the only benefit I could think he'd bestow would be cheaper Valkyries etc.  It didn't seem fair to just upgrade your commander and get cheap flyers; that would be best covered with an alternate army list instead (like Armoured Companies allow you to field lots of tanks).

But, it did get me thinking on, rather an a Flyboy, ie. someone who flies around the battlefield themselves, what about a high-born officer with connections who can call in favours to get extra air cover?  I was very wary about doing this, I didn't want to create a super character who could just call in airstrikes, especially since we already have the Master of Ordnance.  Read on ...

THE FATHER’S SON. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65/35/15 POINTS
The battle was going badly, thought the Sergeant-at-Arms. He had served numerous officers during his long and illustrious career and had guided a few of them some of their steps on the road to glory. He had, however, never had a less promising start. His latest commander had just committed an armoured reserve to a breakthrough, despite his protestations. The tanks could be seen burning fiercely as the enemy swarmed around them in the opposite direction – straight at the main line. With their armour safely netted in the enemy’s trap, their gun line looked feeble against their antagonist’s mighty host. He sighed an inaudible sigh and prepared to fight and die, defending this hopeless commander.
“Something to say, Sergeant?” the officer had an insufferable grin on his face. Did he not know that their men were dying in the valley below?! No, not their men – his men. Despite his tactical ineptitude he had guessed the sergeant’s vein of thought.
 “You do not have confidence in our victory?” In answer, the Sergeant barked an order to the Company Standard Bearer to remove the flag and attempt to return to the Battalion lines with it intact, and then drew his power sword ready to fight to the last. The Standard Bearer snapped to attention and moved to obey. “Corporal-Bearer, belay that order!” snapped the Captain. The Sergeant-at-Arms looked unbelievingly at his commander. There was a lengthy and uncomfortable silence, in which the latter spoke no words. Eventually, seemingly in answer, three Marauder bombers screeched out from the silence and careened deafeningly across the sky. The former’s jaw dropped as promethium bombs plummeted from the sky and down into the ranks of the enemy’s ponderous advance. The line wavered and then began to flag, before being utterly routed with continued bolder fire from the bombers chattering in the background.
So, thought the Sergeant-at-Arms. The rumours were true – they did have the son of a Flight-Marshal.

‘The Father’s Son’

Silver Spoon
The Father of the officer is some high-up general, who has secured his son’s commission through influential connections. He ensures his son has access to a few extras to make his job easier ... units under the officer’s command do not have any numerical restrictions on selecting units – ie. 0-1 restrictions do not apply. The Father’s Son can re-roll any failed reserves rolls for units he is either part of or in his command. This extra re-roll can be used as well as the Executive Officer’s Intercept Reserves special ability, but not for the same unit.
What Does This Button Do?
The Father’s Son is not acquainted with the higher-grade weaponry and kit such as bolt or plasma weaponry. He may not select any weapons from the wargear section, and can only use the weapons in his armoury.
If the officer is a Company Commander, he has the Senior Officer rule, and can issue two orders per turn as described on page 30 of the IG Codex. Otherwise, he has the Junior Officer Rule and can issue one order per turn, as described on page 36. Note that orders can only be given to the officer’s own men.


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