Command Squad

Morning all!  Further to my last Hardened Veterans post, I've dug out some of my other favourite conversions to share.  These models are not army commanders, but orderlies and objective markers; primarily display pieces, really, just ones that can double as objectives.

First up: the obsequious, officious adjutant.  This model sprung to mind as it was one of the easiest to remove a lasgun from (it's the mortar crewman).  I was looking casually for a few that could be converted to non-battle poses for dioramas etc.  I thought he'd look good as a saluting orderly.  The hardest part was getting the raised arm to look realistic; the way I did it in the end was to glue his hand in place on the forehead once the arm had been cut off, then work in the arm with green stuff thereafter.  The white coat was just an experiment to create a summer tunic, like the commonly-worn US Navy 'whites', and it seemed to work.  I wanted to recreate a real army, where people (especially officers) mix and match bit of equipment and end up wearing something totally unique.  His red cuffs show that he's in the Artillery, so I tend to use him as the Master of Ordnance in my Army HQ.

I'm not a Catachan player, but when the new command HQs came out I just had to have some.  Even for the bitz value it would be worth it, but I would have paid just to see them.  One part that I definitely wanted to use was the standard.  I liked it because of the tassels, but also because all standard bearers in 40K seem to be followed by a mysterious breeze, which keeps the flag flying as if there were a permanent gale.  I call it the Iwo Jima effect, and will shortly write a book about this and my other conspiracy theories.

Ah, now on to the last (and my favourite) model: the Battalion commander.  I saw the horse and just had to get a commander mounted on it, saluting as if on parade.  As I say he's too much of a desk-jockey to use as a real commander, but he's the battalion commander and we use him as an objective in our kill team games.  The horse and legs are both from Perry Miniatures' ACW cavalry set, while the top half is a Mordian Sergeant.  Simple, easy, quick.  The less complicated conversions are always the best.

Well, that's it for today's update ... hopefully more Mordians will be painted soon and I hope to get some of my 9th Battalion 'Cadians' photographed soon as well.  Also, am currently looking at WW2 and Ancients which may slow me down.  Watch this space!


  1. Really like the standard bearer, don;t think I've seen that one before? I like the officer on parade too, superb... and the adjudant in his whites... damn it's all excellent you bloody bugger

  2. :) wow! These are great. So much style. You just don't see enough saluting guys in 40k, lol. Thanks for the write up on these chaps, looking forward to see more.


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