Regimental Histories

Today, I'm putting up a bit more about the history and background of the Palladian Guard.  This document covers both my armies, 2nd and 9th Battalion.  The first part is on the 121st Company, the 9th Battalion army which has fought in a campaign or two in its past.  The background, battle reports and characters are all based on real game events.

After this, the entry on 1/7th Company, 2nd Battalion, is much more bare since this army is still untested in combat, and I'll be filling in battle reports and background as they fight.

The point of all this is to show just how much you can add to your army.  If you're just a painter, or just a gamer, then that's fine.  But for me, it's everything about the game.  My models aren't just units on a tabletop, they're units I've painted, built, and who have a history and character all of their own.

The document is just one small part of the 'Codex' for the Palladian Guard, which includes reams of detail on every aspect of the army from organisation and insignia, right down to buttons and boots.  I hope to be uploading more of it soon ...

(By the way, the picture on the right hand side in the sidebar is my model for Capt Nero!  Based on the 'Classic' range Schaeffer's Last Chancers model, this one is based on Grease Monkey.)

Read 'Appendix A' here!


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