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Painting Exchange: 40K Officers and Chaos... Person

Things have been a bit Team Yankee heavy lately, so I'll  save our last battle report for a few weeks' time.  As Facebook friends will know, I've been busy lately with my Masters' disseration (The Challenges of Brigade Command for Volunteer and Professional Officers in the American Civil War... anyone fancy a read?  No?)  Despite this I've been busily painting away, most recently on three models for Zzzzzz.

Quite how the pair of these lovely models fit into the intricate and lovingly-crafted background fluff of Zzzzz's blog is beyond me, but I was just happy to paint them.  There was also some Chaos-shaped chap, whose name I was unsure of, but who was an absolute delight to paint.  They were a nice chance to try a one-off project and experiment with some new techniques.

Red is not an easy colour to paint, but it looks fantastic.  The bronze was harder - mine has settled in its pot so it took two attempts to get it right.

Officer Number One.  I went for an Imper…

Veluwezoom Forest: Team Yankee Battle Report

Time for another Team Yankee battle report.  My friends and I are really enjoying this game, and have even taken part in the global campaign which is currently running: Firestorm Red Thunder.

This scenario saw my Poles and Kieran's East Germans pitted against Mike's expertly-painted Brits.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable game with more than its fair share of tension!

Result: Draw!

As you can see, Kieran and I tried to push everything we had into grabbing just one objective.  We failed rather miserably in defending our northern one, and if Mike had just one more turn he probably would have been able to drive the mortars off and snatch it off us.

Our T-72s, contrary to previous games, did splendidly and (although they outnumbered the Chieftains two-to-one) managed to kill them for the loss of only one of their own.  British infantry proved frustratingly implacable in the defence as always, and in the end we smashed each other into an honourable draw.

I'll get something differe…

Last Stand at L'Armee Farm: WWI Battle Report

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new battle report in our latest Supercampaign: Storm of SteelAfter the exertions of our recent games, this is a nice simple side campaign we're running to relax before the big games we have planned for next year.

This is the situation on the afternoon of the first day, April 7th:

As you can see, the Germans are starting to take ground at a considerable pace.  We don't know what their casualties are like, but they suffered very heavily in the opening assaults so we hope to be able to trade ground (and lives) for time for their offensive to burn out.

I'm still experimenting with the format for the 'perfect' battle report format - I like to keep them simple overviews, rather than blow-by-blow accounts.  Here are three pictures illustrating the early, middle and late game of a German assault on a farmhouse where a British battalion HQ was located.

The Germans basically turfed the Brits out and won the ground, although at a heavy cost…

Havsted Crossroads - Team Yankee Battle Report

Good evening all, and welcome to another Team Yankee battle report.  TY is a great game - see our previous battle report if you don't believe me.  It's a brave attempt to tackle a complex environment, mixing lots of different battlefield elements in a very successful way.  
My brother and I played his first game of TY today, with two homemade lists - my Poles, and his Danes.  We opted for something a little different - a small board, with small forces, and heavily-forested ground with lots of hills.  It made for a very interesting game, where I was firmly defeated!
The Danes had to defend a crossroads with some tanks and infantry, while I had to try and barrel over without losing momentum.  The Danes proved extremely tough to dislodge from the buildings, and I made an extremely costly assault which saw a Motor Rifle Company and a T-72 platoon wiped out.  Off to Siberia for me!
Lessons learned: MILANs are nasty.A-10s are tough.Leopard 1s, despite their poor armour, are devasta…

28mm WW1 Officers

Does anyone remember when this blog used to be all about 28mm stuff?  I came round from being all about 40K, then moved over into historicals via WW2, then broke through into other scales with some 2mm gaming.  Since then, I've done about two years of nearly all teeny tiny troops.

2mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm... it's been a while, my old friend 28mm.  I occasionally do presentation figures for Supercampaigns, where I paint a model to represent each player.  Painting some of these for our ongoing WWI supercampaign has been a real treat, refreshing my painting skills and trying something new.  I'd be interested to hear what you think.

These are all Great War Miniatures, an excellent range of figures for those of you who (inconceivably) haven't heard of them.

Supercampaign VI - Storm of Steel

We recently started our sixth Supercampaign - Storm of Steel.  This is an hour-by-hour refight of part of Operation Georgette, which was itself part of the wider German Spring Offensive of 1918.  The game focuses on the operational level of command - players take on the roles of brigade and battalion commanders, rather than company and platoon commanders you might find in larger-scale wargames.
We recently finished Supercampaign V, set during the 1904 Siege of Port Arthur.  This was a fantastic game with Paul of the Man Cave blog, where we tried out some new rules and roles for incorporating absent players.  These players are cast as senior commanders; strategic decision makers who don't actually take part in the fighting.  The player simply sends in weekly orders to an umpire, and the redoubtable tactical commanders have to enact the orders.  Players have to work together and trust each other, and it makes for a very immersive and realistic experience.  We definitely want to ope…

Tanks! Game Review and Battle Report

Or to be more specific, Tanks: the 15mm WWII skirmish game from Gale Force Nine.

I spied this WWII game in my local model shop a few months back, and decided to pick up a starter pack.  This comes with:

A 24 page rulebookGame tokensUnit cardsCritical hit cardsUpgrade cards Some 2D cardboard starter terrainDice and measuring sticks Four 15mm tanks (two Sherman variants, and two Panther/Jagdpanther)

2mm Franco-Prussian War Battle Report

Good afternooon everyone, and I hope wherever you're reading this it's in the shade.  The UK has broken out in an unprecedented spell of exceptional weather, with temperatures up into the low twenties for one brief period.

So I've been safely indoors wargaming away - and last night it was time for another 2mm game of Line of Battle.  This is a nice quick game for us to set up, as all the terrain and models are upstairs in Mike's attic.  The rules are available now, and remember, the next two people who buy the rules and write a review will get their money refunded as a thank you.

Anyway, this was a nice simple game set in the Franco-Prussian War, where the attacking Prussians had to seize and hold a bridge across a vital river.  We used Irregular Miniatures - the same ones as from our Supercampaign last year, The Bridge of Blood.

Team Yankee Battle Report

Hello everyone, and after last week's preview of my Polish Army battalion for Team Yankee, I'm pleased to say we managed to get a great game in a few nights ago.  It was Mike's first game, so we put together a fairly standard attack scenario from the rulebook.  The Poles were defending three objectives on one side of the board, with a fourth on the Soviet edge.  The Soviets started rolling for reserves from Turn One, whereas I had to wait for Turn Three.

Polish People's Army in Team Yeakee

A few weeks ago I revealed that I'd been working on a Team Yankee campaign, using 2mm figures as campaign tokens.  Now I'm going to share some pictures of the 15mm Battlefront miniatures I've been working on over the last few weeks.

A new scale - and a new game

I've never really been into Flames of War - we did try it once, but found the rulebook very complicated.  Recently, I've found a new gaming pard'ner at work and he introduced me to Team Yankee.  I still don't know how it caught my imagination; the 1980s have never really interested me, even from an alternate history perspective.  But catch it did.

As one of wargaming's Big Beasts, like Games Workshop, Battlefront attract a fair amout of criticism and its popularity is by no means unanimous.  I won't wade into the debate, except to say that the newly-updated Team Yankee rules (which are very similar to the 4th Edition Flames of War rules) are very enjoyable, simple and realistic.  More details …

Team Yankee: Homemade Air Power Counters

Afternoon everyone,

Time for (yet another) new project.  I have a habit of starting more things than I finish, but I've decided not to let it worry me unduly.  I not just paint what makes me happy, and if I 'finish' a project, then it's a bonus.

One of those is Team Yankee, the 15mm game from Battlefront Miniatures, much more well-known for their Flames of War series of games.  I'm a recent convert to the scale and time period, being much more interested in 1600 - 1914 and usually in smaller scales.  I was intimidated by the gargantuan size of the FoW rulebook, which brought back painful memories of tedious games of 40K's newer editions, which seemed to consist entirely of looking up obscure situations in rulebooks.

However, I was assured that all that had changed with the Team Yankee rules, which were a forerunner for the new 4th Edition of FoW.  Basically, things had been simplified and players are now provided with a series of snazzy laminated unit cards, wh…

Line of Battle: Rules for Large Battles 1600 - 1914

Today I unveil a project I've been working on for several years: Line of Battle.  This is a universal set of wargaming rules for large scale line battles between 1600 and 1914, and I'll be putting them up for sale from today.  Read on for details about the game, as well as how to get a free copy for yourself!

What is Line of Battle?

It's a set of rules for historical wargames that we have developed over the last three years.  The concept was inspired by other big-battle rules, like Warmaster and Give Them The Cold Steel, and it has been developed from a set of house rules and amendments to become a completely unique rules system.  Almost every 2mm or 6mm game you have seen on this blog since 2015 has probably been one iteration or another of Line of Battle.

What are the key features?

The game is designed to be moderately complex; a balance between playability and realism.  The key mechanics all fit on two sides of A4, and the rest of the rulebook is devoted to explanations,…