Supercampaign VI - Storm of Steel

Brigadier-General Sir Thomas Cowan, G.O.C. 103rd Brigade
We recently started our sixth Supercampaign - Storm of Steel.  This is an hour-by-hour refight of part of Operation Georgette, which was itself part of the wider German Spring Offensive of 1918.  The game focuses on the operational level of command - players take on the roles of brigade and battalion commanders, rather than company and platoon commanders you might find in larger-scale wargames.

We recently finished Supercampaign V, set during the 1904 Siege of Port Arthur.  This was a fantastic game with Paul of the Man Cave blog, where we tried out some new rules and roles for incorporating absent players.  These players are cast as senior commanders; strategic decision makers who don't actually take part in the fighting.  The player simply sends in weekly orders to an umpire, and the redoubtable tactical commanders have to enact the orders.  Players have to work together and trust each other, and it makes for a very immersive and realistic experience.  We definitely want to open a supercampaign like this up to the blogosphere, but this is one last playtest and proof of concept before we take the plunge.

We're using Baccus 6mm figures, and some lovely rubber trenches from TimeCast.  The rules are adapted from our own Line of Battle system.

But you came to see the pictures, didn't you?  I shan't keep you waiting any longer...

The overall situation.  The aim of the Supercampaign system is that scenarios aren't contrived - they arise naturally, and are dependent on the choices the players make.
Kieran (chief of artillery) and Ollie (battalion commander) mull over the prospect of a frontal attack on a fortified position...
The German assault begins.  The British machine gun nests are immediately hammered with a heavy artillery barrage, supported by nearby German trench mortars.
Gosh, doesn't Michael feel daft?  He's forgotten his uniform!
The Vape of War descends on the battlefield...
The seamless German assault thunders closer...
... as Ollie contemplates a tricky tactical manoeuvre.
The Germans suffer heavily, but despite our rushing troops to the threatened sector they soon have a bridgehead.  It's all over shortly after as the British order a withdrawal.
A look 'under the hood' at our admin map.  The dashed line on the right hand side is the front line, as it stands at 4am on 7th April.  The Germans are storming from right to left, and that line is about to become out of date...
Hope people enjoyed that taster of what was a fantastic game last night.  This promises to be an interesting campaign - the Germans have overwhelming support, and we know they're going to get through, so it's not as simple as 'winning' - we Brits have to just make sure that their victory isn't worth the lives, time and supplies that it ends up costing.

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  1. Replies
    1. And me if there's space. :)

    2. Oh, don't worry... we already have plans...

      What size hats do you take? :D

  2. Those Brits need some armoured assets to fill that gap!

    1. All I've got is some crusty Northerners and three batteries of artillery for now. My kingdom for a tank!

  3. Always a pleasure to see one of your campaigns play out.



    1. Thank you Pete! Kind of you to say. Hopefully the next battles will be as interesting, and maybe we've got a chance to slow up this inexorable German advance.

  4. Looks like another excellent Super Campaign! That terrain looks awesome
    I will watch with great interest, and look forward to future openings :-)

    1. Thank you Paul! Glad you're enjoying it. Just have to decide what to make the next campaign...


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