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How Do You Paint?

Today I'm partly going to show a model I'm very pleased with - one of those "one offs" which aren't for any particular project, but rather just painted up for fun.  But I also want to share a quick breakdown of my painting style, just to throw it out there and see how other people approached their painting.

Anyway, this model is a 28mm Games Workshop Tallarn officer.  My brother is doing a 28mm Imperial Guard desert fighters army, and this chap is a liaison officer from my own Palladian Guard force.  Since he's a liaison to an Arab-themed army, what better name for him than Lawrence of Alrishia?

I'm really very pleased with how he came out.  Since discovering Army Painter Soft Tone about five years ago, my painting method hasn't really changed at all:

Block coloursSoft Tone washRe-highlight in the original colours(Lighter highlight) On bulk models, I usually omit Step 4.  They look fine en masse, but for special models like this one I do extra highligh…

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