2mm ACW Battle Report

Hello again, and welcome to another long-overdue update on Palladian Guard.  Despite my new hectic, blog-free lifestyle I've had chance to do some more wargaming recently so I thought I'd share.  You may remember the card-and-counter ACW game from December - well, I bought some 2mm Horse and Musket minis from Irregular Miniatures and we decided to take our gaming to the next level.  See below for a pictorialised version of an excellent game of Give Them The Cold Steel we had last night.

Deployment - the Union are attacking, so their brigades come on turn-by-turn.

The lovely Irregular Miniatures 2mm range... complete with my little brigade tabs, and some custom status markers. 
The homemade 'random events cards' can really swing the tide of battle.  These two gave my flanking
brigade a much-needed punch in close combat.  The pictures are screengrabs and quotes from Gods and
and Gettysburg!
The situation at the start of the battle.  My first reinforcement brigade came on one flank....
But opting for a risky flank march for my second, I rolled a six and it turned up behind the enemy lines!

Another custom card... Colonel Sweeny, commanding the flank brigade, was hit by
sharpshooter fire but the wound was fortunately only slight. 
So you can see my main attack (to the right) crashing into the Confederate defences,
while my flanking brigade at the bottom tries to break up the enemy lines.

At the end of the game, my main attack was blunted with whithering fire from the Confederates, whereas my flanking brigade fought off the dismounted cavalry and were just charging the enemy artillery!  However with the main attack repulsed they were dangerously isolated... we called it a draw.

Cotton wool smoke makes for such an atmospheric battle...
And there you have it.  Our modified rules system makes for a totally random set of battles - there are no scenarios as such, each battle is unique because the attackers and defenders deploy their troops randomly each time.  The random events cards can make or break an attack and are of course great fun.  And the simple, quick-fire rules make this game easy to learn, but hard to master.

Thank you for reading again... I realise I've been very remiss in not keeping up with the hobby community as much as I should, so I'll try and get round people's blogs and say hi.  Hope you all enjoyed reading as much as I did playing!



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    1. I thought we'd agreed to keep these parts of our lives separate.

  2. Kool stuff. I should have started my 40K at 2mm scale...

    1. That wouldn't have been nearly madcap enough...

  3. Terrific stuff. I love ACW in the big (28mm) scale but it works really well at 2mm as well. I got a chuckle out of your comment that as a gaming experience it's a lot cheaper than what GW offers. I've been enjoying the Longstreet ACW rules, but feel like I should be checking out Regimental Fire and Fury, since all the cool kids seem to be talking about it.

  4. I forgot to say ... liked your cards and liked your comment about how Gods and Generals is a terrible movie, if occasionally pretty. A reenacting friend of mine liked to refer to it as "Gods and Genitals". ;)

    1. Thanks Mike! Yes, it's a bit dreadful to watch but surprisingly there aren't many films about the ACW compared to WW2 etc. We have to take what we can get! Regt Fire and Fury, well, I borrowed the rulebook off Kieran but it looks so complex, the simplicity of 2mm gaming appealed to me I think!


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